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Groin pain and instability is definitely no laughing matter.  Whether it has been caused by a groin injury during sports or it comes from other conditions like arthritis, hip problems or more, it can really limit your mobility, make walking difficult, and keep you back form many activities that you enjoy.  A good groin brace can help out in a lot of ways if any of the above apply to you.

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Help ease the pain and get those groin muscles back to 100% fitness with our section of groin supports, and don’t let a pulled groin or hip pain keep you awa from the sports and activities that you love.  We’ve got all kinds of products here to fit all shapes and sizes and for everyone from pro athletes to suffers from arthritis and those who father time is simply catching up to.  At Apex Health and Care, we only include the very best on your lists, in terms of safety, standards and customer feedback, so if any of these take your fancy, you can buy with confidence.

Common Groin Injury

Image result for groin strainMost groin problems come from either a pulled groin or a groin hernia.

A pulled groin occurs when there has been a muscular tear or rupture to the groin muscles, and it usually happens to be one of the hip adductor muscle group and is called adductor strain. The most usual cause is strenuos activity that puts these muscles under tremendous pressure, at it can be exacerbated by activities which have sudden changes in direction, like running, or twisting motions found in kicking and martial arts.  While most doctors and physios can determine a groin strain just by physical examination, and MRI scan or ultra sound may be needed to se the severity of the damage and pin point the exact muscles that have been affected.

If you have or suspect you have a groin hernia, we’re sorry to say that the brace isn’t going to help that much, and you need to consult with your family doctor and possible a surgeon right away.

Symptoms of Groin Strain

  • Groin pain and tenderness.
  • Muscles spasm or tightness in your groin muscles.
  • Pain on a stretch of your groin muscles.
  • Groin pain during groin muscle contraction – thigh squeeze.

Groin injury is categorized depending on the severity into 3 grades:

  1. Grade 1 – mild injury or strain, usually pain and discomfort but on walking and range of motion.
  2. Grade 2 – moderate injury, may affect sporting performance and ability to walk
  3. Grade 3 – severe injury, swelling and pain, movement and flexibility may be severely effected and surgery may be required.

For grade 1 and 2, a groin brace can help you on the road to recovery, and for grade three, they may be usual after surgery or as part of the treatment.  Your doctor or therapist will of course give you the best advice on this, but if you have a grade 1 sprain, RICE might be all you need.

Bodymate Compression Wrap for Groin

This groin support has been made from breathable neoprene compounds and is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in all circumstances, which is good news considering the part of the body this is wrapping around.  It can be worn on either leg, and both men and women will feel comfortable and supported while wearing it, and it has latching straps to let you easily fit it around your unique body with strong velcro to hold everything in place.

It can give you really good injury support for groin, quad, hip, sciatica, hamstring injury, and the increased blood flow from the compression helps with healing and edema as well as giving you some pain relief.

We really like this one as it is thin and quite discreet, so if you don’t want the whole world to know that you’ve pulled your groin, you can slip it on under your work or gym clothes and no one will every know.


Vive Groin Wrap 

Using a combination of compression therapy to increase circulation and and therapeutic heat to help injured on inflammed muscles, this groin brace will be a big factor in the in the recovery and rehabilitation of pulled groin, quad or hamstring, hip flexor injury, hip bursitis, and any other damage or pain to the groin area. The versatile design means that both men and women can wear it on either leg, and it is adjustable to give good fits for  waists up to 48” in circumference and thighs up to 28”.

Lightweight, breathable neoprene helps make this a cool and comfortable support that can we worn over or under clothing ans still keep you feeling dry and fresh. This is fairly light, so it will be good for grade 1 sprains and perhaps grade 2 sprains, as well as those who just need a little extra support when they go out walking. 


Neo G Groin Brace

If you’ve got a groin injury but you’re not ready to kiss goodbye to your active lifestyle, then this brace will help you make sure you don’t miss out on gym time while you recover.This has been engineered medically to help relieve pain associated with a number of conditions like sciatic nerve pain, groin strains, sprains, and it can also be effective in aiding the recovery from hip, thigh, hamstring or repeated groin injuries.  

This also uses heat therapy from its therapeutic neoprene, which will warm up the muscles and joints to work against muscular aches, pains and stiffness. It can also assist in the rehabilitation of pulled abductor muscles and tendons around the groin.

This groin support has been registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with regulatory bodies, such as the FDA (US), Health Canada & the MHRA (UK), and the manufacturer, Neo G, is also the official Partner of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK equivalent of the American Physical Therapy Association), so you can be sure that this is a serious piece of equipment, made to very high standards. This is a one size ‘fits most’ brace. 

McDavid Level 1 Groin Brace

For those nursing a grade 1 groin strain, this brace has been made especially for you to assist you in getting back on the horse, so to speak. It has been constructed from low-profile, latex-free neoprene design for thermal/compression therapy to the upper thigh and hamstring, helping out with healing and blood flow while also warming up muscles to prevent stiffness and cramp. it will easily fit either of your legs, and it has a textured non-slip neoprene inner layer to make sure it stays in place. 

We recommend this one to people who have very moderate groin damage or pain who are looking for something lightweight and discreet. As this only wraps around the leg itself, it also doesn’t interfere with your movement or your range of motion, just gives you an extra helping hand.

Roxofit Groin Support

This expertly made hip stabilizer and groin brace will help you out by providing pain relief to the sciatic nerve and SI joint pain relief, and it also speeds up recovery from pulled groin, groin strain, hip flexor injury, pulled quad, hamstring pull, hip bursitis, labral tear, and any other leg muscle injuries that cause discomfort in the groin area. It can be worn by men or women, and its adjustable straps can be used to help  wrap around your unique frame and get as much or as little compression as you want. It fits waists up to 45″ and thighs up to 25″ circumference, and can be worn over or under clothes.

This is made of a nice and breathable neoprene fabric, so it will feel cool and comfortable, which is important for a brace on this area of the body.  It also has a non-slip design to stop it sliding down or getting bunched up.

Odofit Support Brace for Groin

Don’t let a nasty puled groin keep you on the sidelines! The Odofit brace provides a firm level of support for both the hips and the groin, and it will help you get back on the treadmill as soon as possible.

This unisex brace can be worn on either leg, and it will fit waists up to 42” and thighs up to 27” in circumference at widest point, and it is recommended only for those taller than 5’3”.  Its firm support and solid compression can help with recovery from a large variety of injuries such as groin injury, hip, hamstring tendonitis treatment, thigh support instability and more. What really makes this one stand out it the unique 3-straps design with a smaller strap in the middle to hold the thigh support brace in place while two longer straps can be adjusted until you gt the desired level of compression for your injury. As such, if you really want a brace that gives you maximum adustability and lets you control every aspect of it, this might be what you are looking for.

This also comes with some cool freebies, including a handy storage bag and a an instruction booklet with advice on how to use the brace and also some handy info on groin injuries.

Winsharp Groin Support Brace



Kiss your groin pain a sweet goodbye with this fully adjustable brace for both men and women. It is also dual sided, so if for some reason you want to flip it over on the other side, you surely can!  This is a nice lightweight brace that will be good for grade 1 sprains and some grade 2 ones.  It can also easily slip over your clothes or underneath, and its straps will let you set the level of tightness you want. It also has a breathable fabric that won’t leave your groin drenched in sweat.

If you’re looking for great support that doesn’t restrict your movement. you might want to check this out. The manufacturers claim that this is good for everyday use, and we agree, but just remember that no brace should be ‘all day every day’ unless your doctor specifically advised.  This will fit a maximum waist size of 46″, and a maximum leg size of 28″.

Zenkeyz Groin support and Hip Brace for Men and Women

If you’ve been on the bench with a pulled groin, this Zenkeyz hip support and groin wrap will get you back out there with its compression strap and maximum support for strains, pulled muscle, hip joint pain, hip tendonitis, sciatic nerve pain relief, sciatica! Unlike other groin supports, the Zenkeyz’s groin injury support comes with much larger straps than many others’ giving you a wider range of contact and more compression and support for the affected area. Its one size should fit most if not all, and this unisex item can be used by all genders.

Best of all, this comes with a whole host of free bonus items including 3 kinesiology tape strips for your everyday muscle pulls, 1 carry bag and 1 E-book with useful advice on how to wear the brace.  That makes this a really good value for money purchase, and those looking for a good deal or people on tight budgets should check this out.  


MOOND Groin Support

Whether you have a hamstring injury or hip injury or suffer from sciatica nerve pain, or arthritis is making your groin and hips a problem area, this support will have you covered.  This will quickly bring you soothing compression within minutes of slipping it  on the injured area, while the groin wrap reduces pain and gives extra stability as you walk.. Made of therapeutic breathable neoprene, this will keep your muscles warm and secure as you heal, .

This fits perfectly on waist sizes up to 45” and thighs up to 25” in circumference at widest point, and if you’ve recently suffered a groin injury, hip pain or hamstring tear, this will easily fit on under your clothes to help you get back to fighting form. 

Jet Mood Hip Support Brace

Help say goodbye to your groin woes with this great brace from Jet Mood.  This will significantly speeds up recovery from groin pull, groin strain, hamstring pull, hip bursitis, hip flexor injury, labral tear, SI joint and sciatic nerve pain or other injuries that can affect the groin, hips or thighs. The  compression wrap improves overall stability during movement in your daily activities or sports, so you are much less likely to re-injure yourself and you can get back on the sports field free of fear.  Increased blood flow to the damaged area will also speed up recovery time and give a bit of respite from the pain.

This is another great value for money package, as you get free extras including 2 Plantar Fasciitis arch supports, 1 carry bag and 1 E-book with useful information about muscles healing.  While many freebies are often a waste of time, these are really useful, so bargain hunters should check this out. Its

Strong Lion Running Hamstring Compression Sleeve 

Well, the first thing that really caught our eye here was the name – we love the idea of the strong lion running through his injury and getting back to being the king of the gym.  Its a good thing that this groin wrap can live up to its namesake, then.

Don’t let groin pain keep you from your favorite pastimes!  This brace can help you get back to running, dancing, football, hockey, CrossFit or anything else you really love. This is made with a special blend of custom fit medical grade latex-free neoprene that firmly stabilizes and compresses strained groin, hamstring, and thigh muscles, meaning there is very little you can’t do when you have this on.It also helps the healing process through its added compression which warms sore muscles and increases blood flow to the damaged areas. .

This is a ‘one size fits most’ product, and manufacturer advises that this will not fit petite bodies or anyone who is XL size, so please do not pick this up if you fall into either of those categories/

Considerations When buying a Groin Support

Image result for groin support for womenA good brace for the groin works by compressing the ligaments within the hip joints as well as all the groin muscles to give extra support while doing sports or other physical activities. To choose the best groin support, you first need to identify why you need one, and then choose one which best meets those needs.  Pro athletes or and regular exercises will need to find one that will be both strong and comfortable during the sport itself, but also that can stand up to the wear and tear of the movements and the seat your body will generate.  If all you need is a bit of support or stability for day-to-day activities or walking, you can find a much more simple one.

The material it is made of is going to be key for you.  You want to find something that fits snug against your body and feels good. Something like lycra will be nice as it can give compression and a good deal of support.  However, you may be allergic to this, so you may want to look into other materials like neoprene if this is the case.  There are also things like compression shorts and cycling shorts which can help give you more support around the groin area.  Size is also a key consideration – do you want something bulky to protect after a bad injury or something lightweight that won’t get in the way of your running and jogging?



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