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Having a foot support or foot brace is crucial for a fast recovery. Whether you’ve just come out of foot surgery or you’ve had a nasty break or fracture in your foot, you want to do everything possible to protect your feet and make sure that no harm comes to them while you heal.  The simplest solution would be to just stay in bad or on the sofa for the rest of the time, but for those with busy lives, places to go and people to meet, that simply isn’t an option.  You should, therefore, invest in a good foot brace in order to allow you to get on with your life, as one will protect your feet from injury but also allow you to walk again, and while you might not be as quick as you were before the injury, it least you’ll be up and about.


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So if you need to get a walking boot for yourself or a loved one, please have a quick look below at our selection.  We’ve searched the internet high and low, weeding out the inferior products, and bringing you our list of recommended list of the top foot supports out there.  Everything has been tested for health and safety and manufacturer to meet industry guidelines, as we know how important your feet are to your quality of life in general, so if you do see something you like, you can buy with confidence.

Considerations when Buying a Foot Support Brace

Comfort – As your poor broken or post-op foot is going to be spending a lot of time in the brace, you really want to find something that is comfortable.  Therefore, we recommend looking for braces that have a good soft lining and padding on the inside, so you’ll feel snug and comfy with it on.  Remember, you want to practice walking again, so having something that feels good is essential.

Ventilation – A key consideration for all medical foot products is ventilation, especially with one of these braces.  Now, no matter what you buy, your foot is going to get a bit hot and sweaty when wearing such a huge boot, but you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a bread oven, so try to find a brace that also has some kind of ventilation built into the design.  This should let the fresh in the air and importantly let moisture evaporate, keeping your feet as cool and comfortable as possible.  While heat is good for healing, too much heat can turn your foot into an itchy nightmare.

Protection – The biggest worry with a serious foot injury is that you might re-injure it during the healing process, so you want to make sure that your brace works well to protect, almost like a piece of armor.  You’ll want to bee sure that the walking boot covers most of your foot and ankle, perhaps leaving the toes free, and it should be made of a sturdy and durable material.  Also, it should have shock absorbing design, taking some of he impact of your heels when your feet hits the ground every time, helping you get used to walking again.

Size – This is a tough one, with many manufacturers swearing that one size fits all, which others who sell braces in multiple sizes swear on the opposite.  While a lot of this is just advertising based on their business model, it all really comes down to whether or not your feet are the ‘average size’.  If you are making and your shoe size is between 10 and 15 US, the there is a good chance that the ‘one size’ will fit you.  However, if you have very big or small feet, you’re probably getting the short end of the stick.  So if you have ‘average’ size feet, you’ve got nothing to worry about, but those with bigger or smaller than normal should always look for products with a range of sizes.

Also, you have to bear in mind whether or not you will be wearing this over a cast.  If you are, remember that your foot will be a lot smaller once the cast comes off, so you really need to get something that has adjustable straps and can then be fitted to your foot without the cast on.  Also, if you are buying an aircast boot, some manufacturers recommend getting a size larger than you normally wear.

United Surgical Short Fracture Boot

Don’t let your injury keep you back from your daily activities! Regardless of whether its a break, fracture or post op, the United Surgical Walker Fracture will help you get off the sofa and out of the house again.  This CAM boot is designed to help treat a wide range of foot injuries and stabilize the lower leg after foot and ankle fractures and post-operative procedures. This is a combination of strong plastic mold and spring steel reinforcement, bringing you the best in both protection and durability. This boot makes walking as comfortable as it can possibly be with such an injury, as it has a shock-absorbing, cushioned insole to cut down on the impact that the heel feels when it hits the ground. and also a a low-profile and rubberized rocker sole which encourages and natural and smooth gait from the wearer.

This is perfect for men and women, adults and teenagers, and it comes in sizes from XS to XL.  One size definitely does not fit all here, so make sure you get the right size for you, taking into account whether or not this has to go over a cast.

This is one of the best walking boots we’ve come across, and it ticks all the boxes in terms or durability, protection, comfort and style.


Aircast Walking Boot

This Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace is form of removable cast that lets you get back to your daily life while recovering from injury or surgery without limiting your mobility more.  Protection and pneumatic support is given for stable fractures of the foot and ankle, severe ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, chronic conditions including plantar fasciitis, metatarsal fractures, forefoot and midfoot injuries, bunionectomies and post-operative use.

This has a low rocker sole that encourages a natural and smooth gait and makes for improved mobility while the solid foot base has ample room for dressings or plaster while still keeping the foot in the utmost comfort. Protection to your injured foot is given by the lightweight, semi-rigid shell, which has a unique pre-inflated anterior air cell and 2 adjustable Duplex air cells located at the malleoli.  These can be individually inflated to make sure that the cast completely wraps round your foot and gives you the maximum support  Not only does this give you added protection and promote a healthy recovery, the hand bulb air pump Lets you easily top up the air or let some out, so you can control the amount of compression you feel.

This is available in sizes small to large, and also comes with a special pediatric size for children which is a really nice option as many of these walker boots are only made in adult sizes.  The manufacturers recommend buying one size larger than normal to take into account the aircast system.


XP Aircast Boot

This Aircast foot brace is very similar to the one above, on that it covers the full lower leg as well, making it the perfect solution of you have injured your foot, ankles, lower leg and shins.   It also has 4 individual air cells instead of 2, allowing for even more air pressure and control.

This is designed for much more sever injuries that cover a much wider part of your lower leg, so if you need a cam boot that protect everything up to and including your shins as well, this is the one for you.



Premium Short Cam Boot by Mars Wellness


Mars Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle / Foot Stabilizer Boot - Medium

Short cam walkers are the best solution if you have a forefoot fracture, soft tissue injury even a very sever ankle sprain or strain. They allow for safe bweight bearing as well as giving your ankle the added protection of having the joints immobilized, seriously reducing the risk of re-injury.  This great boot is made with very high-quality materials and components, and it has been medically designed to treat  grade 2 and 3 sprains, and stable fractures.  Despite its lightweight construction, this is a very solid walking boot that will keep you safe while you heal.

I has an Inflatable air bladder to help provide you with custom compression to the foot and ankle, increasing stability and decreasing swelling.  It also has a quick release air valve, so you can easily top up or let the air out as you wish, letting you get the amount of compression you want.  This is very important.,, as after the swelling goes down, it may feel a little loose, so you may want to add in more air.  This also has a soft and well padded foam lining, giving you as much comfort as you can expect when nursing such an injury.

This comes in small, large and medium, and there is also a much taller version that covers everything from the toes to the knee in case you have injured your shin and calves too.

The Orthopedic Guys Orthotics Walker

Fight your way back to full fitness with this orthopedic boot!.  This boot relieves pain and promotes speedy healing for a variety of foot and ankle injuries including soft tissue injuries and grade 2 & 3 sprains. It is also great for postoperative stabilization, and it can reduce swelling, strain, edema and foot pain and ankle pain.

This great cam boot aids in your healing process by controlling and and minimizing ankle movement, so that the damaged area is protected, letting your body focus on putting things back together again. Therefore, you can still go about your normal everyday life and continue to walk with peace of mind, confident that you are safe from another injury. The inflatable air bladder runs through the liner of the boot, and you can pump it up until you get the level of compression that is right for your foot. This will give you the maximum stabilization while ou walk, and also allow for adjustments as swelling goes up or down throughout your recovery.

This comes in sizes from XS to XL, and it will be fine for men, women, adults and teenagers.  It has also been designed to fit both narrow and wide feet.


Bracability Foot Support Brace for Kids

With most of these braces and boots being made in only adult sizes, its hard to find one for your children if they have had a bad accident.  This foot support, however, is made in kids sizes S to L.  Size SMALL fits U.S. Men’s shoe sizes 6 – 8 and U.S. Women’s shoe sizes 6 – 9, so little feet who need protection can also get a great brace here.

This removable cast has been clinically proved to treat and help heal a number of conditions and injuries including  broken toes, metatarsal fractures, stress fractures, sprains, post bunion surgery recovery, and it may be effective for  any other type of toe, foot, or ankle injury that requires immobilization.  A rigid polymer plastic reinforced shell will provide strong and durable protection. 

As this is for children, comfort should be a huge concern.  You’ll be happy to know, then that this has a, wide toe bed and open toe design, allowing room for swelling and bandaging, and its low rocker design will let your son or daughter walk naturally.  It also has easily adjustable medical-grade Velcro straps to get a custom fit on your little one’s foot and ankle.

DonJoy MaxTrax Walker Brace

If you need some increased stability following trauma or post-operative procedures, such as stress fractures of the lower leg or soft tissue injuries, this brace from Don Joy will have you right as rain in no time!

This has a very soft and plush cushioned inner and outer sole that gives some amazing  shock absorption and also helps you to walk with a natural gait while wearing it, and it feels very comfortable to wear.  It has a low profile rocker bottom which also reduces plantar pressure and keeps your heels from feeling sore. This is a universal fit product, meaning that it can be worn o either the right or the left foot, and is fine for men and women

Available in sizes from X-small to X-Large, we hope that all shapes and sizes of foot and ankle will be able to find a good match here.

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