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Choosing the right double shoulder brace after surgery, an accident or injury is really important in assisting with a speedy recovery. There are a lot of different shoulder braces and supports available, so finding the right one is sometimes confusing and difficult. Here, we take a look at some frequently asked questions about finding the right double shoulder brace, and review a range of different products, to help patients find the right one for their needs.


What are the Different Types of Shoulder Braces?

There are many different types of shoulder brace out there, so it’s important to know the difference in order to find the correct one for your injury.

Double shoulder supports are what we are mainly concentrating on in this review. They are ideal for injury prevention when playing sports or during other daily activities, and are also ideal for recovering from such injuries.

Slings are another common type of support used by those suffering from shoulder conditions. They are ideal for treating rotator cuff injuries as well as dislocations, as they hold the arm comfortably across the body.

Shoulder stabilizers are used to give a lot of support to the area and are ideal for those who have had an operation recently. There are many different styles, each working in a slightly different way.

Shoulder posture braces are used to help those who suffer from pain as a result of poor posture. They are designed to help pull the shoulders back, and straighten the spine, therefore preventing hunching and slouching. Also sometimes known as clavicle braces, they can be used to help treat fractured collarbones too.


How Much Support do I Need?

The level of support needed depends on the injury and the individual’s situation. For recovery after an operation, it is likely that a high level of support will be needed initially, until things start to settle down. For sports-related injuries, the type and level of support needed really depends on how serious the injury is. Mild sprains and strains need a lower level of support, although they can still take a long time to feel completely better.


Why Use a Shoulder Brace

Recovery – Wearing a shoulder brace after a shoulder injury is one of the best ways to help get better more quickly. It can prevent the patient from moving the shoulder unexpectedly, which can cause pain and further harm. By providing compression, a brace can help the brain better understand the position of the shoulder, which can lead to a faster recovery.

Support – Supporting the injured area is important, as it can prevent it from getting uncomfortable throughout the day. By providing support, a brace helps the patient relax, without having to worry about whether they are keeping their shoulder in the correct position or not.

Mobilization¬†– Wearing a brace can help the area gradually build up more mobility. It can help the wearer start going about their daily routine again, without getting into pain or doing too much, too soon. By becoming mobile shortly after injury, the risk of the joint becoming stiff is reduced – the sooner it gets moving again, the better. That said, it’s important to take it easy at first until you learn how much you can handle, without causing pain.

If you do a lot of strenuous exercise, it might be a good idea to keep a shoulder brace handy just in case you do ever injure yourself during activity. This is especially true for those who play sports with a high rate of shoulder injuries, such as swimming, volleyball and weightlifting to name just a few. A simple support can help a lot in the time immediately after injury, and can help prevent your shoulder from seizing up due to injury and then the inactivity which usually follows.


Considerations for Buying a Shoulder Support

When choosing the right shoulder brace for your needs, there are a few things worth thinking about. Some things to keep in mind are:

Level of support – As discussed above, different conditions need different levels of support. A mild injury doesn’t need something with the maximum level of support, whereas someone recovering from an operation needs something much stronger until the recovery has progressed a bit. Discuss with a doctor, or follow the manufacturer’s advice, to find the right support level for your condition.

Durability – If the support is going to worn for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to choose something which is designed for durability. Shoulder supports can be expensive, and it’s not ideal to have to replace them every couple of months. Look for something strong enough to last throughout the full recovery period, which can be several months or even a year.

Materials – Look for materials which are breathable and comfortable to wear all day. It’s ideal if the support helps reduce sweating and chaffing, especially if it will be worn during sports and exercise, or in hot weather and for long periods of time.

Size – Not all shoulder braces fit all sizes, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and measure yourself appropriately to ensure the brace fits perfectly. A poorly-fitting brace will not help with recovery, and could make things worse. A brace which doesn’t fit well will also be uncomfortable to wear, and can cause irritation.

Figure 8 Posture Corrector

posture correctorThis posture corrector brace is worn on the upper back and helps to pull the shoulders back, therefore keeping the spine straight. It can help resolve problems associated with a poor posture, including chronic back pain, low self-esteem and low energy levels. The fabric is breathable, yet offers a strong level of support. The Velcro straps allow the posture corrector to be fully adjusted to ensure a perfect fit every time.

The Figure 8 posture corrector is cushioned at the spine area to ensure it is comfortable to wear for long periods. The brace is discreet enough to be worn under just about any clothing, too. It can be worn during exercise such as running and other gentle to moderate activities, and is also ideal for those who do office work. Students who spend a lot of time on the computer or sitting at a desk can also wear it – in fact, it is a good idea to correct poor posture at a young age before serious problems begin to set in.

It is recommended to gradually build up the length of time the support is worn for, until the body is used to it. Overall, it is a great, low-cost way to help correct a poor posture.


Double Shoulder Support Belt

posture corrector

This neoprene shoulder support comes in a choice of four different sizes, and the upper arm fastenings can be adjusted to fit any size. The brace can also be adjusted at both the front and the rear, ensuring a perfect fit and just the right level of compression.

The support is comfortable to wear, as it is lightweight and also soft and breathable. The support is durable, so it can be worn during activities such as climbing, hiking and sports. It won’t slip during use either, as it is well elasticated. The support is also easy to put on, even with an injury.

The double shoulder support is ideal for strains and sprains and aching muscles. It can also be worn to help prevent injury to the shoulders, particularly during sports and exercise. The support can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine, so it will always be clean and hygienic.

Kuangmi Double Shoulder Brace

shoulder brace for both shoulders

This shoulder support is ideal for a range of uses – it can help prevent dislocations, and provides support, compression and helps keep the area warm to encourage faster healing. It’s ideal for those suffering from arthritis or tendonitis in the shoulders, easing the pain associated with these conditions. The brace can be worn over or under clothing, and comes in a range of sizes, to fit just about anyone.

The Velcro straps help give more restraint, and are removable. They can be adjusted to provide just the right level of support, too. The brace is soft and comfortable, and is also breathable, making it great for use when playing sports. It’s ideal for preventing injury during sports such as volleyball, weightlifting, tennis and many more.

The support belt can be used by just about anyone, including teenagers, men and women, and is ideal for use during any season.

GOGO Shoulder Support

double shoulder support

This double shoulder wrap is made primarily from neoprene, with spandex and nylon too. These materials help provide even compression across the painful area, and helps maintain body heat. This helps improve circulation, therefore relieving pain and promoting healing.

The GOGO shoulder support can be adjusted at the biceps, providing a customized fit. The brace allows for a full range of movement, meaning it’s great to wear when doing activities and sports, and remains comfortable even after being worn all day.

The support is perfect for injuries and conditions such as rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, strains, sprains, and many more. It’s not intended for day-to-day use (such as injury prevention), but rather to help heal those who already suffer from shoulder conditions.


EVS Sports Shoulder Brace

strong double shoulder brace

This EVS shoulder brace comes in a choice of sizes, and can be adjusted around the biceps to get a perfect fit for arms of any size. It offers a great level of support and compression, so can help heal injuries faster. The brace features mesh parts, to ensure it is comfortable to wear, without getting too hot.

The neoprene shoulder support features X-straps, to ensure there’s plenty of support. The adjustable arm cuff helps prevent chaffing under the arm. It can be washed in the washing machine, but to make it last longer, it’s best to hand wash this brace. It fits men and women, as long as the measurements are properly checked to choose the right size. However, it can be a little difficult to put on unassisted when suffering from two bad shoulders.


Thermoskin Double Shoulder Wrap

shoulder sleeve

The Thermoskin shoulder support has a neutral color, meaning it is discreet under clothing. It provides gentle and even compression, using the body’s natural heat to provide mild pain relief. Wearing this wrap during daily activities can help improve mobility, making those day-to-day tasks a little more manageable.

The Thermoskin is ideal for helping ease pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, sport injuries, and also further into recovery after having surgery. The lining of the wrap helps wick away moisture, helping keep the area feeling dry and clean, and preventing rubbing. It can even be worn during the night, to help patients have a comfortable night’s sleep free from aches and pains.


Heated Double Shoulder Wrap

posture corrector

This self-heating shoulder wrap is ideal for easing pain associated with dislocations, rotator cuff injuries, muscle aches, arthritis and many more. It can be set to give off heat, ranging from 55-65 degrees Celsius. This is just the right temperature to help ease pain, without burning the skin. It can be adjusted to fit a range of sizes, simply drape it over your shoulders then use the fastener at the front to get the right fit.

The heated shoulder support works using an AC power supply, so patients can’t walk around when wearing the wrap. However, the cable is almost 2m long, so you don’t have to sit right beside the outlet. The fabric on the wrap is skin-friendly – it’s breathable and non-irritating, and retains heat well to provide long-lasting pain relief.

CFR Posture Support Belt

posture correction brace for upper back

This posture corrector is ideal for those suffering from pain as a result of incorrect posture. It keeps the shoulders pulled back, to keep the spine in proper alignment, giving strong support to the back, shoulders and waist. The brace is padded for comfort, and also has double splints in the center for great support.

The back brace for posture has breathable foam padding, to ensure it remains comfortable after being worn for many hours. It’s ideal for wearing during office work, and is also great for older people, children and teenagers, new mothers and those in the army for example. In fact, it is ideal for anyone who has poor posture, and suffers from pain as a result.

The posture support is fully adjustable, to allow the right level of compression for the individual’s needs. It also comes in a few different sizes, so you can measure yourself and find something which fits just right.

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