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Tennis elbow is a horrible condition that plagues many of us, and it can be brought on by sports or work.  Those who suffer from this condition will know that a good tennis elbow support strap can literally give them a new lease of life – it will help with the pain and also mean that you can start using your arm again.

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Obviously, for such an important part of your body, you want to get the best support that you can in order to ensure that this condition doesn’t keep you from your normal day to day functions like working, typing and driving.  Therefore, we’ve saved you the trouble by picking out the best tennis elbow brace on the market, that will hopefully give you some relief from elbow pain and get you back to enjoying your life and hobbies.

What is Tennis Elbow?

While many people have heard of this condition, not a lot actually know what it really is and what causes it. In medical terms it is known as lateral epicondylitisand it is caused by repeated overuse of the fore arms. The ligaments and muscle fibers around the elbow become damaged, sometimes torn, making any use of the lower arm painful.

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It first became well known among tennis players, hence the name. It can be common in many others to, including manual laborers, fishermen, athletes and musicians.


Types of Tennis Elbow Support

Elbow Straps – These are small little straps that go on just above your elbow on your forearm, and are designed directly to give your elbow more support.  These are lightweight, so you won’t feel like you are wearing body armor with one.  You can wear it on the sports field or off for extra pain relief.

Compression Sleeves – Compression sleeves are designed to help with a number of different elbow and arm problems, by giving compression and support to the area.  They won’t support you as much as a strap or brace, but they are much more discreet then either of those.  You can easily slip a compression strap on under your gym kit or even you work clothes, and no one will ever know.

Elbow Braces – A full on elbow brace is designed to give maximum support at the cost of mobility.  While they won’t necessarily knock your arm out, they can restrict movement a bit, and are mainly for sports injuries.  They can be really helpful for tennis elbow though, but probably on in the most sever cases.  Most moderate tennis elbows would be better served (pun intended) by one of the above lighter supports.


Tomlight Elbow Brace 2 Pack

Get pain relief and protection from further injury with this wonderful elbow support.  It will compress the upper forearm and absorb the forces which cause tissue damage.  This is very firmly made, and will give you a high level of support, while its neoprene fabrics will ensure that your skin is comfortable.

This is ideal for those who suffer from tendinitis or epicondylitis.  Best of all, it comes as a two pack, so you can use on both arms or keep a spare just in case.


Simien Elbow Support

Golfer’s elbow, computer or mouse elbow, rower’s elbow, fishing elbow, pool or billiard elbow… it doesn’t matter hat kind of elbow you have, this great elbow band will help you heal and avoid further damage.

Not only does this comes as a two pack of 2 elbow straps, but it also includes a handy e-book with instructions on using the support and also with helpful info on tennis elbow, including therapies and links to online resources.  That’s great value for money.


Elbow Compression Sleeve

This wonderful compression sleeve is ideal for those looking to alleviate pain and improve on their mobility. This is made of a lightweight, moisture wicking fabric, meaning that it is comfortable and breathable, and will be great for those with tendinitis who want to get back to the gym or the sports field but don’t want to make their condition worse.

This is also a very cool looking elbow brace, and will make a great fashion accessory for your work out gear.


Copper Tennis Elbow Brace

This adjustable, one size fis all elbow strap looks like ti was intended for weight lifters, but with its  adjustable Velcro straps, you can set this up to give you the help you need whatever elbow or forearm problem you have.

This high performance compression strap is very durable and has been designed for everyday use,, so it won’t wear out on you as long as you take good care of it.  If you suffer from Lateral Epicondylitis or Lateral Tendinitis, check this out.  Unfortunately it won’t make you as muscular as the chap in the promotional photo, but you can always dream.

Tennis Elbow Strap Double Pack

This premium Activerge set of Elbow Straps has been specially designed to give you support and compression for pain relief and to help prevent further damage to your muscles and tendons. Anyone who has problems with golfers elbow, tendinitis, carpal tunnel or arthritis should check these out.

This is also great value for money as it comes with two elbow straps included and handy carry bag.

Compression Sleeve and Elbow Brace Pack

Just because your in serious pain, doesn’t mean you can’t also look for a good bargain!  This pack is great value as it gives you complete lower arm support in one small box.  It has a compression sleeve, elbow support and an E-book with 8 tips to help with tennis elbow.

Those on a tight budget or looking for a good deal should look into this.


Neoprene Tennis Elbow Strap

KYUSport Adjustable Neoprene Tennis Golfers Elbow Brace Wrap Arm Support Strap Band

Put all your pain and discomfort behind you can get back on the golf course again with this great elbow band.  This is a bit chunkier and heavier than most of the others on this list, and as such, its is good for those in severe pain or those who want to get back on the sports field as soon as they can.

This elbow support is made from soft and breathable neoprene, which not only stimulates blood flow but also wicks moisture away all day to ensure that your arm stays comfortable all day.



Achiou Elbow Wrap (2 pack)

These high quality elbow straps are made of a neoprene and nylon compound that is designed to be gentle or your skin and avoid nasty odors, so you can feel free to wear this in the gym, at home or at work and not worry about stinking out the place.  The straps have soft and wide gel packs on the inside, which not only make them feel very comfortable to wear, but more importantly deliver pressure to a range of muscles in the arm, thus helping with healing and pain relief.

best of all, this bundle comes with 2 straps, so you can either use them on both your arms or keep a spare.  For any type of sportsman or woman suffering from elbow pain or related conditions, this will help you get back on the sport field or in the gyms as soon as possible.


Elbow Ice Pack Soft Brace

This elbow support is perfect for helping you ice that painful elbow.  The material has ice cells sewn into the fabric, so all you have to do is pop the whole thing in the freezer for a while and then put it on for 360 degrees of cool ice pain relief on your elbow.  It take the hassle out of icing your arm, as you no longer need to hold an ice pack in place or try to bandage it on.

What is really great about this support is that the ice inside will thaw within about 20 minutes, which is the length of time most medical professionals recommend icing a muscle, so there is no danger of over icing either.   This is definitely the brace to get if you want to ice your elbow.


Mc Flony Tennis Elbow Strap

We understand that some people need to look their best, no matter what they do, and that they won’t wear a brace if it messes up their color coordination.  If you are in this category, don’t worry, because we’ve found these stylish straps for you.  They come in pink, yellow and blue, so we’re sure you can find the right ones to match your sports clothes.

These straps also come in packs of 3, so you can use a few on one arm if needs be, or you can always be confident knowing that you have a spare or two lying around just in case they get lost.


LiveUp Sports Elbow Brace

Now this is a serious heavy duty elbow brace that is really good for those suffering from very sever tennis elbow or who have had a nasty injury.  This will give you a lot of compression with its elastic straps, helping promote circulation and healing, and it will hold your elbows very firmly and prevent them from dangerous stretching or movement while you wear it. This is made with material that has moisture wicking, anti-odor designs to help keep it breathable and comfortable, so it won’t drown your arm in sweat when wearing it.

It has adjustable straps, so it will fit almost any arm, and you can use it for a wide range of sporting or recreation activities, such as golf, tennis or weight lifting, to help with the pain.



Our Top Pick

After doing our research, we recommend the Simien strap as our top pick.  This is a very well made elbow strap, and you can easily slip it on and of with no hassle whatsoever, so you can pop it on before you hit the sports field or you can wear it at home for extra support.  The materials are breathable and durable, and overall this will last you a long time and give you great support and pain relief while doing so.



Our budget pick

When it comes to pure value for money, you can’t really go wrong with the Compression Sleeve Pack.  While the individual products might not be the best in class, in terms of overall value this package is outstanding.  Not only do you get a compression sleeve and an tennis elbow strap, it also has a handy e-book giving you information on elbow pain and related conditions.  So if you’re on a bit of a budget or your pain is very mild, we recommend checking out this deal.



How to treat Tennis Elbow in your Home

The good news for those who suffer from this condition is that most of the time it will heal on its won, and trips to the doctor or hospital may not be necessary.  They say that time is often the greatest healer, and for in this case, rest will probably do the trick.  However, there are some things you can do to speed up the process aside from wearing an elbow strap.

Ice – using ice on the elbow for about 20 mins every 3 hours will help with pain and swelling.

Anti-inflammatory drugs –  taking ibuprofen or a similar non-steroid anti-inflammatory can also help with pain and swelling, but you should be careful not to over indulge in these, as they can have side effects.

Tennis elbow exercises – Your doctor can advise you on a range of exercises and stretches which which help relieve tension and stiffness while promoting healthy movement.

Is Tennis Elbow Very Painful?

Fort those with this condition, they will probably notice pain and discomfort when they do the following:

  • constant coming and going of pain on the outside of your upper forearm,a few inches below where the elbow bends
  • when lifting or bending the whole arm
  • when gripping small objects, such as a pen or a ball
  • when twisting your forearm, such as when you are turning a door handle or opening a jar

The amount of pain that you feel really depends upon your own condition and how much strain and punishment you have put your elbow through.  For some people, this can be mild pain and discomfort that comes and goes, while for others is can be quite severe pain that can really limit your day to day activities.  However, for most people simply cutting down on the activity that is causing the condition and getting some rest in is going to be the ideal solution.  However, if the pain doesn’t subsist or decrease after resting for a few days, this is a sign that there may have been some quite serious damage or complication with your elbow, and you should get it checked out by a doctor as soon as you can.

How long is recovery from Tennis Elbow?

People all heal at different rates, and depending on the severity of the damage, your overall health, and how much you are able to rest the elbow, your total recovery time can hugely vary when compared to that of other patients.  A mild case of tennis elbow could clear up within a few weeks, however, for many, and episode can last between 6 months to a year.  However, the good news here is that most patients fully recover from the affliction, provided they follow their doctors advice properly, within 1 year.  However, it might be a good idea to keep that elbow strap around and use it when you are doing the activity that hurt your elbow before.

How can you prevent Golfers Elbow?

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent you getting lateral epicondylitis, especially if you play golf, tennis or badminton regularly.  However, there are many things you can do to guard against it, and give yourself the best chance you can get for continuing with your sporting life without this kind of pain.  Here are some of our tops tips:

  • Sometimes, it is improper technique more that anything else that elads to the development of this affliction.  Therefore, if you are doing a sport like golf, tennis or squash that has you turning and twisting your elbow a lot, make sure you get some professional instruction and or coaching so that your technique is perfect.  This can help make sure that you don’t develop elbow problems.  The same thing is true for musicians, as they can develop golfers elbow too.  Get professional tuition and make sure you play the right way.
  • Despite scientists and coaches banging on about this for centuries, many people still don’t warm up properly and stretch their arm muscles out before sports.  Do your stretches and warm ups people! They really do go a long way to help avoid injury.
  • Use lightweight tools or racquets and enlarge their grip size.  This will help you avoid putting excess strain on your tendons.  You can enlarge the grip using sports tape if you want to.
  • Wear one of our brilliant elbow splint when you are using your arm, but remember to take it off after you have finished your sporting activity, as wearing it for too long causes your muscles to get weaker as they get used to the added stability and support from the brace.  If you are not sure which type of elbow strap you should use, ask your GP, physiotherapist or coach for their advice.
  • One way to help prevent tennis elbow is to work on increasing the strength and stability of your forearm muscles.  A physiotherapist can advise you about exercises to build up your forearm muscles, or perhaps a professional trainer in a good gym.  If you do opt to go the gym route, make sure that you go with a modern and well-equipped gym and use a trainer who has professional qualification and practical experience.

What Stretches and Exercises are good for Tennis Elbow?

Here are some great things to tey at home, but please check with your doctor or therapist first.

1 Fist Clenches

This is a nice easy exercise that you can do at home.  You don’t even need any special equipment –  a stress ball will do, or even a wet towel

  1. Simply sit down at a table with your forearm resting on the table.
  2. Hold the rolled up towel or small stress ball in your hand.
  3. Squeeze in with your hand and fingers, and hold this  for 10 seconds.
  4. Gently release, and then repeat.  You can try 10 reps on each hand.

2 Wrist Flexation

This is another simple exercise you can do at home.  Most use a light dumbbell (2.5 pounds), but you can use something else like a can of beans of you don’t have weights.

  1. Sit in a chair holding a the weight in your hand.  Your palm should be facing up and elbow can rest comfortably on your knee.
  2. Keeping the palm facing up, flex your wrist and slowly curl it up towards towards your stomach.  When you get as far as you can go, hold for a few seconds.  As you do this, you must try to keep your arm as stil as you can and only use your wrist.
  3. Slowly bring your wrist back down, then repeat.
  4. Try 8 reps for each arm

3 Wrist extensions

  1. Again, sit in a chair holding a 2-pound dumbbell or low weight in your hand, but this time with your palm facing downwards, and once more resting your elbow comfortably on your knee.
  2. Keeping the palm facing down, extend your wrist by curling it up towards.  If this is too hard, you can start out by doing the movement with no weight, then adding weight once you have built up the strength.  Again, keep your arm still and use the wrist. .
  3. Slowly bring your wrist back down to the starting position, avoiding any jerks or quick movements that could cause injury.
  4. Try 8 reps for each arm

Tennis Elbow Exercises

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