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Lace up ankle braces can help rolled ankles and twisted ankles, which are some of the most common injuries we all suffer from at some stage in our life. It’s not fun being in bed or on the sofa for a few days because we can’t put any pressure on the ankle, but sadly its something that we all have to just go through, especially if we often do strenuous activities or high-impact sports. While you may remember bouncing back quickly and easily from an ankle injury as a child, as we get older, our bodies just don’t heal as quickly as they used to, and sometimes we need an extra bit of help in order to get back to 100% in as quick a time as possible. That’s where a good ankle support comes in.

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A good lace up Ankle Brace is the perfect thing for a rolled ankle. These help in 2 essential ways. For starters, they will give you ankle some much needed support while it is injured, providing a boost to stability so you can start using it again. You might still be limping, but at least you’ll get back to work. Second, the compression element helps the healing process in a number of ways, most importantly cutting down on swelling and increasing blood flow to the wounded area. Lastly, they will hold everything in place for you, and with the extra support, they will drastically reduce the likelihood of further injury or strain. Here at Apex Health and Care, we know how important your ankles are to keeping you fit, happy and healthy, so we’ve compiled the below list of the best ankle supports we could find in order to save you time and bring you the best medical products without the hassle of scouring the internet. Your ankles deserve the best, so if you’ve had an injury or your ankles are unstable, we hope you’ll find your perfect ankle splint here.

Why use a Lace Up Ankle Brace?

While the compression element of the lace up brace will help out in healing by increasing the blood flow and reducing swelling, that is not their main purpose. The main benefit from such a brace is in the added support that it gives you. They will bring a lot of extra stability to your ankle, so they are very good for those recovering from ankle injuries who are starting to get active again, perhaps when you are going for your first long walked after a twisted ankle. They may also be used for very strenuous activities to avoid new injury, such as lifting weights, but the main purpose is to protect your ankle from an injury you’ve already had and let you start exercising again safely. If you just want some compression, you might want to just get a lighter compression ankle wrap.

This brace can also be wonderful for those unfortunate enough to have had permanent damage to their ankles that have left them very unstable. These ankle support will give you a lot of extra support and strength in that area, so with them you should be able to do a lot of intense activity that your ankle might not be able to take on its own.

Laces also give the two advantages of holding the brace in place and letting you easily adjust the tightness of it. However, as in all cases, you really should talk to a doctor or properly qualified medical professional in order to get the best advice for you and your ankle.

Zenith Ankle Brace

It’s time to kiss ankle pain goodbye with the Zenith Brace. If you need superior ankle support against sprains, strains and arthritic pain, you’ve come to the right place. This is ideal for both giving a boost to healing and aiding in the prevention of re-injuries as well as unexpected acute injuries on the sports field. This has angular reinforcement straps and a lace-up front wrap to strengthen the ankle, to stabilize tendons and joints, and to let you exercise without fear anymore.
This is constructed from high quality neoprene and nylon, which gives you the best of both worlds in terms of breath ability and mobility as well as avoiding skin irritations. Also, it has double-stitched seams that give it high durability and helping it last for years to come.

This is available in different sizes going from S-L (see sizing chart for more details), so both big and small ankles can find their perfect match. According to this manufacturer, one size does not fit all, so please check and get a brace that will be the right size for you. This might be the best ankle support for football.


Compressex Lace Up Ankle Strap

Don’t let a rolled ankle ruin your week and pop this amazing sports ankle support on. This ankle stabilizer applies a good and even amount of pressure all across the ankle joint, and it has stabilizer bars to firmly hold the ankle joint in place and help avoid any further injury or strain Velcro straps can be wrapped and secured around the support, giving you all the stability you could ever need, and you can wrap the straps around and underneath your foot if you need some serious compression. Also, as it has laces, these can be used to adjust the tightness to the brace.

This support may assist with ailments such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, swelling, and other ankle pain. Its also great to know that this has been designed to have a bilateral fit, which means you can wear it on either your right or left foot. This laced ankle supports come with an electronic PDF of instructions, so you’ll be in no doubt as to how to put it on. Don’t let ankle pain keep you on the sidelines anymore, and whichever foot it is your having troubles with, this brace will help you say goodbye to them.

Please check below for info on the sizes that this is available in:

  • Large fits W 10.5+ and M 9+
  • Medium fits W 8-10 and M 6.5-8.5
  • Small fits W 5.5-7.5, M 6 and Children 4-4.5


ASO Ankle Support for Running

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the ankle brace is a wonderful choice for anyone with ankle troubles, from pro athletes and gym fanatics to everyday people, and it is highly recommended by athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. The ASO is manufactured to high-quality standards in the United States of America by Medical Specialties, Inc, so you don’t have to worry about the level of quality here

This support stands out from the crowd owing to its unique combination of comfort, support and durability. Its specially contoured tongue makes it an exceptionally comfortable fit and it has a light yet durable CoolFlex material used in the lining, which makes it very cool and smooth on your skin, so there are no worries about irritation or friction here. This fabric also lines the inside back of the boot, providing increased comfort to the Achilles area. The combination of both laces as finger loops ensures that you can get the maximum protection if you want, but also lets you loosen it off with ease in case it is too tight.

For those who are trying to get back to the treadmill after a rolled ankle or whose ankles have been damaged over the years an need more stability while they exercise, this is ideal. This comes in 7 sizes ranging from XX small to 3X large and in black or white color schemes.


McDavid Ankle Support

Getting back on the track after a nasty ankle injury is never easy, but with this ankle brace, you’ll be back to top shape as soon as possible. Better still, you can hit the basketball court again without fear that your ankle will give out underneath you. This has been made with two layers of nylon and vinyl mesh fabric to give you double the support of many other ankles splints, and it also has spring steel stays built in, so your ankle will feel like a Sherman tank when you are wearing this brace. It also has a sewn-in arch support, so that your feet will maintain good shape too, not just the ankle. So this is a pretty heavy duty brace, and will be good for those coming off a really bad sprain or fracture.

All of this would be meaningless of the support was itchy, uncomfortable or sweaty to wear, but thankfully this has a lining of padded hydravent moisture management technology, which will feel soft on your skin and also help let the sweat and moisture drain away, so you don’t have to worry about your ankle becoming damp and stinky. The tongue also has extra ventilation to help with this.

This is available in the following sizes:

  • XS: Men’s size 6-7, women’s size 7-8
  • S: Men’s size 8-9, women’s size 9-10
  • M: Men’s size 9-11, women’s size 10-12
  • L: Men’s size 11-13, women’s size 12-14
  • XL: Men’s size 14+, women’s size 15+

ProCare Ankle Protector

ProCare Lace-Up Ankle Support Brace, Medium

The ProCare Lace-Up Ankle Support Brace a brilliant brace that has been specially made to live up to the demands and needs of athletes everywhere, and can be a huge help in treating acute ankle ligament sprains and chronic instabilities.

This support brace has a few unique features which make it stand out from the crowd. For one, its got a sturdy canvas stirrup and a reinforced eyelet area making it one of the most secure and durable ankle straps out there. Its traditional lace-up design has figure-8 strapping, which holds the heel bone into place and cuts down on the risk of it getting strained or out of place. This also has a bilateral design, which means it works on either foot, and it has a removable plastic medial and lateral stay that you can take out if you don’t need the extra stability.

Whether you are a full-time athlete or just a weekend warrior, this will be brilliant for recovery or extra support.


Venom Lace Up Neoprene Brace

Venom Ankle Brace Neoprene Lace Up Compression Sleeve - Elastic Support & Adjustable Stabilizers for Sprained Foot, Tendonitis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, MMA, Running, Sports, Men, Women (S)

This great brace doubles up as both a stabilizing an strengthening instrument for weak ankles and also an assistant to the healing process of an injured foot. Designed for professional sportsmen and women, this is very lightweight, yet it doesn’t compromise on the support you need to do high-intensity activities. It can also easily be worn with shoes or socks, and with its double straps and lace up tongue, it is fully adjustable, letting you tighten or relax it as you see fit. This is made from a high-quality blend of sweat resistant neoprene which is breathable and moisture-wicking, so it will be smooth on the skin and will let the sweat evaporate, cutting down on dampness and bad odors.

This comes in S, M, L for a secured fit, so all sizes of ankle should be taken care of here. This also ships with a free PDF guide which shows how to use the brace and also gives you some advice and tips on recovery exercises for your ankle. Venom makes sportswear and gear for professional athletes, including many world-class MMA and UFC fighters. As they are good enough for some of the greatest athletes in the world, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed in the quality of their products.

Doctor Shock Lace Ankle Support

Well, if nothing else, this definitely wins the award for the coolest name in this list, Shock doctor sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Good thing this brace lives up to that awesome name in terms of both effectiveness and support.

This compression, the lace-up wrap has unique internal gel cushions as well as a pre-curved tongue which all goes together to give you great support and stability in this package, while also providing extra comfort and helping to keep your ankle properly aligned at the same time.

This is a Medium level ankle brace, and as such it has stability and support designed to meet the needs of moderate to major ligament sprains, muscle strains, and unstable joints. Therefore, it will be a good aid in the process of recovery, and it might also be good for chronic ankle instability, but a heavier duty brace might be needed depending on the condition of your ankle. Please consult a doctor or physio if in doubt.

This support contains rubber latex, which may cause irritation in those who have an allergy to this material.

McDavid Ankle Strap

This manufacturer claims that Athletes participating in an independent study at a major research university had 3x fewer injuries while wearing this brace. While we are not in a position to verify this, we are able to tell you that this McDavid Ankle strap is a serious piece of kit that will be perfect for pro sportsmen and women, hobbyists and anyone with ankle instability issues.

This differs from the other McDavid strap on this list owing to its unique strap design. These straps simulate the effect of an athletic tape by using a figure-6 strapping pattern, making this one of the most secure braces on the list, and also giving more compression than most others. Therefore, this is great for injury prevention and healing assistance. Also, it has ventilation built into the design, to keep your foot and ankle cool while also letting the sweat evaporate.

This is a level 3 maximum support brace, so it is heavy duty and will be a good fit for moderate to major instabilities, proactive injury prevention and post-surgical joint protection.

MEDIZED Ankle Stabilizer

Ankle injuries? Ankle surgery? Chronic ankle instability? Don’t worry, the Medized Ankle brace has got you covered in all these areas, whether it is protection, rehabilitation or mobilization.

The brace is designed with an innovative 2 strap system that is wrapped in figure 8 around the ankle to give it the much-needed protection and support, whatever the need may be. This ankle stabilizer will feel fine over your socks or inside sports shoes, while its non-stretch stabilizing straps mirror works like athletic tape and hold everything in the right place.

This comes in the following sizes (US):

  • S: (MEN 5 to 7 and WOMEN 5 to 7.5)
  • M: (MEN 7.5 to 8 and WOMEN 8 to 8.5)
  • L: (MEN 8.5 to 11 and WOMEN 9 to 12)

Brace Ability Childrens Ankle Support

It is a shame that most ankle supports on the market are made in sizes that only fit adults, it can be had to find one for your kids. Well, this great support solves all that, as it has been made to fit kid’s shoe sizes 2 – 4.5. It can be worn on either foot and works with socks or in shoes.

This has a figure-eight strap design that works to try to prevent further sprain of the ankle. Each strap is made of non-stretch nylon, durable and lightweight. The tongue is a knitted material that is easy for kids to pull up and get around their ankle, and it is also breathable and will let air in to keep the skin cool. Also, if your child is allergic to latex, this is fully latex free, so they will have no problems or skin irritation when wearing it.

Your kids need ankle protection too, so help them get back to the favorite sports club or PE class with this. Whether your child has had a bad injury and needs to recover, or if they have instability issues and need a little helping hand in order to hit the football field or the tennis courts, this will help them get some good exercise and stay happy and healthy.


Considerations for Buying an Ankle Brace

Before you buy one of these braces you’ll want to double check on a few things, as there can be quite a lot of variety in them.

Materials – A good brace should be made of a comfortable and breathable material. You don’t want it itching and irritating your skin, and as you will probably be wearing this while exercising or training, you’ll want something that is cool and also something that won’t make you sweat incredible amounts underneath. Therefore, you should make sure that it is made of a good material. Also, you should note that some are designed to be worn over socks, while some should be worn under.

Purpose – Generally, these lace-up braces are designed for two types of patient. One, they are for those who are recovering from an injury who don’t want to re-injure themselves again. Secondly, they are for those with permanent damage and instability in their ankles, to help them get back on the sports field and enjoy their hobbies again. While they will help with the healing and compression this is not their main purpose. They are meant to be worn when you are doing an activity.

Durability – You’ll want to get a knee aid that will last you a long time, so we recommend looking for something made of sturdy fabrics and also something with double stitching. this should make sure that it lasts for many years.

How long to wear it for – Unless you have been specifically advised to do so by a doctor, we don’t recommend that you wear the ankle brace all the time. For one, its good to use it sparingly so you can air out your skin and let it breathe. But mostly, these are just a little additional help to be worn during physical activity to protect your ankle from a new injury. They are not a replacement for necessary knee surgery, nor can they repair a blown out ankle or torn ligament. Also, research has shown that if you wear a brace for too long, your leg muscles and joints get used to the added support from the brace, and actually end up getting weaker. If our ankle has permanent damage and you need the brace in order to do sports, most doctors would recommend that you only wear it during the time you are doing the sport and not all the time, but this may change depending on your condition. In any doubt, please consult with a competent medical professional.

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