Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball

Playing volleyball is fun, but it can also lead to injury. Ankle injuries are especially common amongst those who play volleyball. Wearing a brace is the best way to minimize the risk of sustaining an ankle injury. There are many different types of brace and support which are suited to different needs, so here we have compiled a comprehensive guide for all volleyball players to help you find the right ankle brace.


What are the different types of ankle brace?

There are three main types of ankle brace which are ideal for those who play volleyball. There are lace-up ankle supports, hard plastic braces with a hinge to allow easy movement and finally soft shell braces made from flexible plastic. Braces come in a range of sizes, depending on the model, and also different colors so there is sure to be something to match your kit.


What level of support do I need?

If you are recovering from a recent injury, it is important to ensure you have a good level of support to assist recovery and prevent re-injuring the area. Those who already have strong ankles might like to consider something less protective which also offers a full range of movement. These can be effective in helping prevent injury, whilst still allowing play to be enjoyable and comfortable.

The type of brace you should choose depends on the position in which you play. Front row players are the most likely to become injured during a game, so if you play in this position it’s a good idea to choose a brace with maximum support. A rigid brace with bilateral hinges is what you should be looking at. For players in the back row, the risk of injury is a bit lower. These players also need to be able to move more freely, so a brace which offers a greater range of movement is ideal. Some rigid braces are suitable for back row players, but lace-up braces tend to offer users better movement.


Why use an ankle brace when playing volleyball

Ankle braces can be worn for a variety of reasons. They are commonly used by those who have weak ankles or who have previously suffered from injuries in the area.

As ankle injuries are the most common type of injury found amongst volleyball players according to various studies, it makes sense to wear a brace as a preventative measure. Whilst it is still possible to sprain the ankle whilst wearing a brace, the chances of this happening are greatly reduced. If a sprain does occur when using a brace, it is very likely to be much less severe, meaning recovery will be much quicker.

Teenagers are also very susceptible to ankle injuries whilst playing volleyball, so it is recommended that players in this age group should also wear a brace as a precaution. It’s a good idea to wear a brace on both ankles, as it is equally likely to injure the right as it is the left. The braces should be worn during training as well as during a game, as injury can occur at any time.


Considerations for buying an ankle brace

The first thing to consider is the type of brace which meets your needs and requirements. As mentioned above, there are different types of brace each offering varying levels of support. It’s a good idea to consult with your coach or a medical professional to see what type is best for you, depending on the position you play and the condition of your ankles.

Materials used in the brace are also important. They should be breathable so ensure the ankle remains comfortable during game-play. It’s also a worth investing in a brace which can easily be washed if you plan to wear it every day or most days. You should ensure they offer the right level of support too, as some materials offer less support but a greater range of movement.

Durability is also an important factor when buying a support. If you plan to use it for the long term, it’s worth spending a bit more and investing in something which is built to last. You don’t want to have to keep replacing your supports after a couple of games if they are poor quality and cheaply made.

Size is also important – some braces are made to fit a range of sizes whilst others are made to fit most sizes. It’s important to measure your ankle correctly before purchasing to ensure you will have a comfortable fit.

Level of support offered by the brace is important too. Depending on the position you play or if you have already sustained an injury, you will need a different level of support. For severe injuries you need maximum support to minimize the risk of making the injury worse. If wearing a brace as a precaution, you can choose something with a bit less support, in order to have more movement in the area.


Zamst Ankle Stabilizer

This ankle support brace is ideal for a range of different sports. It’s available to fit either the right or left ankle, and there’s a choice between either black or white. The stabilizer is available in four different sizes, so by measuring your foot you can be sure to find the perfect fit.

The ankle support is easy to put on and can be adjusted so you can get the perfect fit and the right level of support. There are removable pads which you can position to make the brace comfortable to wear. It also features grip-tech which means it stays in place and won’t slip around. The brace has strong support which helps prevent the ankle from rolling either way.

The Zamst ankle brace comes with an upper strap which helps prevent high ankle sprains too. The brace is designed to offer high levels of support whilst still giving a free range of movement. It has been used by professional athletes, with constant excellent reviews.


Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

This ankle brace for volleyball players offers a secure and strong base, without being restrictive. It comes in a choice of two colors and two sizes, and there is a sizing chart to help you find the perfect fit. The brace allows a full range of movement, but helps prevent the ankle moving in the wrong ways, which can lead to strains and sprains. The straps are fully adjustable, so it’s easy to make it as tight or loose as you need.

The Ultra ankle brace is easy to put on and take off, and is not bulky meaning it can be worn under most types of shoe. It is very durable and will last for many years, even with regular use. The brace is ideal for helping prevent injury when playing sports, and it can also be worn during the recovery period to help the ankle become stronger and prevent the risk of re-injury occurring.

The ankle support is designed to fit on either ankle, although they are sold singly so if you are using them for injury prevention it’s recommended to buy two. The brace is great for volleyball, as well as other sports including football and soccer, where players wish to reduce the risk of sustaining an ankle injury.

MedSpec ASO Ankle Brace

The Med Spec ASO ankle stabilizer is a lace-up support which can be fitted to either the right or left foot. It comes in a choice of black or white, and there are a range of sizes as well as a sizing chart so finding the perfect fit is easy. The nylon fabric is comfortable to wear over long periods, and it is also machine washable on a gentle cycle.

The elastic cuff keeps the brace fitting securely and helps prevent it from moving out of position. The top strap can be adjusted as necessary, so it’s easy to make it fit just right – it can be loosened off if you have some swelling.

The discreet brace is small enough to fit in virtually any type of shoe easily. It is very durable and strong, and will last many years. The brace offers a good level of support, but is not at all restrictive, offering sports players a full range of movement.


Active Ankle T2

The Active Ankle T2 is a rigid ankle stabilizer which offers a high level of support, making it ideal for those recovering from sprains or strains. They are ideal for front row volleyball players, and other athletes who frequently jump. They’re also the best choice for those who have suffered from injuries previously and wish to avoid re-injury.

The Active Ankle brace allows the ankle to be moved from side to side a moderate amount, but offers maximum mobility in the front to back direction. The brace has recently be re-designed and is now 10 times more effective than its predecessor.

The top strap on the brace is adjustable to fit with either high top or low top shoes. The single strap means the brace is easy to get on and off, and adjusting the fit is really easy. The support comes in a choice of sizes, and it fits either the right or left ankle.


Zensah Ankle Support

This compression ankle brace is made from a combination of nylon and spandex, for a breathable and lightweight feel. It’s also moisture-wicking, meaning you will feel comfortable and clean even after wearing them for long periods. The fabric is also anti-odor, so it’s ideal for use during sports. The supports don’t have any seams, which helps prevent rubbing and chaffing.

The compression foot sleeve offers a great range of motion, making it perfect for wearing during any sporting activity. It can easily be worn with any socks and shoes, as it is very thin and lightweight, so it won’t cause any discomfort.

The Zensah ankle support is ideal for those who suffer from pain in the arch and heel areas, thanks to the textured ribbing in these areas. The support can help improve circulation, so it’s ideal to help reduce inflammation in the ankle.


Foot Sleeve Compression Wraps

These plantar fasciitis socks are ideal for improving circulation to the ankle, hence speeding up the recovery process. The extra straps offer more compression and support, which can help prevent further injuries when you are getting active again.

The foot sleeves come in a choice of different colors, so you can find something to match the rest of your sporting gear. There are also various sizes, so there is something to fit almost everyone. The sleeves are lightweight and discreet, meaning they can be worn anytime, and under almost all types of shoe.

The lightweight and breathable material also helps pull moisture away from the skin, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. The sleeves are great for wearing when recovering from a sprained ankle or after surgery, when you want a better range of movement in the area. They are also great for during sports, to offer extra protection and reduce the risk of sustaining an injury.

Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support

The Shock Doctor ankle brace is available in a wide range of sizes which make it suitable for almost everyone. There are two color choices too, which means you can find one which suits you. The sleeve has internal gel cushions for maximum comfort and a perfect fit. The support features a curved tongue to help offer more stability and support and keep the brace aligned.

The Shock Doctor ankle sleeve has non slip silicone grips, and a footbed which is shaped for maximum comfort. The brace is equipped with finger tabs to make pulling it on easier. The brace offers a medium level of stability, making it best suited to moderate or major sprains and strains as well as unstable ankles. The support can be used on either foot, and it is easy to adjust to get the perfect fit.

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