Shoulder Pulley

Shoulder pulleys are a very effective ye very lightweight and portable exercise tool that can be used in your home to increase your range of motion, flexibility and strength. Much like resistance bands, it is a pulley that hooks round the top of your door that has a rope or rubber band attached to it. You simply grab each end of the rope, and with your strong hand you pull a weaker or injured hand up and down.

Sounds really simple huh? Well, it is, but these pulleys have many benefits, mainly helping to get movement back into an injured arm, and they help build up strength too, so these can be very good if you’ve had an accident or surgery that has left one arm weaker than the other. Therefore, its a good way to bring both of your arms back to full strength. They also increase blood flow when they are being used, and as you know, more circulation can help with healing and pain relief.

In this department, we take a good look at shoulder pulleys, giving you some articles advising on how they are to be used, and we also share wit you some product reviews on the best pulleys we’ve come across.

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