Ice Packs

May of us will remember as young kids getting hurt at school only to have that magical bag of frozen peas from the kitchen work wonders on our founded limbs. Well, icing a wound never goes out of style, but thankfully technology has advanced to the point were we don’t need to use frozen food to ice out wounds anymore. A good ice pack will do instead.

Ice treatment is most effective when used within the first 48 hours, and is best for acute injuries like sprains. An Ice packs can help minimize swelling around an injury, reduce bleeding into the tissues, and it will hopefully bring down muscle spasm and give you some relief from the pain. Gel ice packs are also good because they usually thaw within about 20 mins, which is just about as much time as you should keep ice on.

We got guides and reviews for some of the best ice packs you can find out there, and everything on our lists has been tested and manufactured to industry guidelines, so you can buy with confidence. Whether its to ice down an ankle sprain or just cool off some overworked muscles, no household should be without one.

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