Trekking Poles

Take the strain off your knees and ankles with a good set of trekking poles.

These poles, sometimes called hiking poles, hiking sticks or walking pole, are a common hiking aids that is used to assist walkers with their rhythm and especially help with balance and stability on rough or uneven terrain. However, they are not just good for hikers. Anyone who needs a bit more stability when they walk or a little help with balancing and walking long distances should check out these hiking sticks. They may be quite helpful.

They may look like ski poles, as they have rubber-padded handles and wrist straps, but trekking poles are usually made with 2 or three different sections that can be extended or retracted, so they can be adjusted for the correct height or folded up for easy transport. They are commonly made of aluminium or carbon fibers, and some even come with spring-loaded sections to aid walking and to alleviate some wrist strain.

As we know how precious your legs, ankles and feet are to your overall health and quality of life, this department has some of the best high-quality and durable poles on the market.

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