Rollators & Walkers

Mobility aids can be a real life saver for people who can’t walk on their own. From children with walking problems to the elderly or those recovering from injury, they give people independence and confidence as they know that they can go our where they need to go and they don’t need to rely on other people all the time. In this section, then, we look at two of the most popular walking aids, rollators and walkers.

A walker is simply a walking frame that can be used by those who have difficulty walking but don’t need a wheelchair. They can be good for the elderly, those with arthritis, hip problems, or breathing problems that sap their endurance. If you need more balance and support as you walk, this might be good for you. A rollator is very similar, but the difference is that they have wheels on the bottom and a built in seat. If you need to often stop to have a rest, it might be the best option for you.

We’ve got lots of information and product guides for walkers and rollators here, and we look at many different types and models and recommend what type of patients they may be suited for. If you’re looking for a walking aid, we’re sure you’ll find the right one here.

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