Leg Lifters

The time you spend in your bed should be the most relaxing and chilled out of the whole day, so if you have difficulty getting into or out of bed, a leg lifter can help make this process simple and easy by giving you a bit of extra help.

Leg lifters can be either powered or manual, and powered leg lifters are mechanical devices who attach onto the side of your bed to help get you legs in. There is a flat Platonism that lies a long the side of your bed, and this platform is then raised when you are sitting on the bed, easily lifting your legs up for you and help you get under the sheets. A manual leg lifter is kind of like a pulley with a handle on one end and a hook for your feet at the other, which lets you use your own strength to lift you leg up into bed. These are good for people with weak leg muscles or paralysis, either from injury, illness or old age.

If you know someone who might benefit from a leg lifter, please feel free to browse through the articles below.

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