Bag & Accessories

For those of use who suffer from mobility issues, there are are a number of specialist bags and accessories that can help make life a lot easier. a good mobility bag ill fit onto your scooter, or walker very well, meaning that you don’t have to carry it around on your back, so you can easily pop to the store to pick up your groceries and be confident that carrying them back home will be no problem at all. There are also wheelchair cushions and scooter pillows, special blankets, belts and safety buckles, wheelchair gloves, donuts cushions, and everything you can image to help make your mobility aid as comfortable and pleasant as it can be.

Here at Apex Health and Care, we are determined to cut out the hard work for you and bring you the best products without you having to trawl the internet for hours, so please feel free to have a quick browse at our selection of articles and product reviews in this department. If you are someone you know needs a mobility aid, some of these accessories can help make using them a little bit more practical and comfortable.

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