Dexterity Aids

Arthritis can really make your life difficult, as it limits your mobility and dexterity, often making normal and mundane tasks painful and strenuous. If you suffer from this condition, your doctor may have recommended that you look into getting some dexterity aids. These are wonderful and ingenious tools which, although often quite simply, are specially designed for arthritis sufferers or those with dexterity o, mobility or strength problems. They will decrease joint pain and enhance hand function, giving you alternative ways to do things that don’t hurt you. . Dexterity aids can make day to day life easier and make common tasks, like housework, cooking and so on feel much more comfortable and less stressful.

We’ve spent a long time looking through the different products available, and all of our findings have been condensed into our streamlined and no nonsense guides below. We’ve looked at zipper hooks and button hooks to help with dressing and opening things, key turners to assist with locking and opening, special pencils and pens, and other great inventions like lamp switch turners and spoon and fork holders,

If you think that you or someone you know would benefit from a bit of assistance with dexterity related tasks, please feel free to have a browse.

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