11 Best Soft Cervical Collar 2019

Having the right soft cervical collar is important if you want to make a full recovery in some form of comfort. You may not be aware of this, but neck pain is one of the most prevalent and costly health problems in many developed nations. Studies have shown that in the USA up to 70% […]

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doctor with a baby using a thermometer

Best Ear Thermometer 2019

No matter what your circumstances are, whether you are a concerned parent, taking care of elderly relatives, living with your partner or even living on your own, no household should be without a good thermometer.  Being able to tell when someone’s temperature is dangerously high and knowing that its time to make a quick trip […]

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man and woman wearing a groin and hip brace

11 Best Hip Brace 2019

Whatever the cause, such as sports injury, arthritis, osteoporosis, postoperative healing or simply just old age catching up with you, hip pain can be a real downer on your life and it can make even the most mundane of everyday tasks seem like a real effort.   Worse still, if you don’t get something to help […]

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Best Weight Scale for Home 2019

Part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle is monitoring your weight, and as such, every household should have a set of bathroom scales.  While you don’t need to be obsessive about weight loss or muscle gain, taking care of how much you weigh and knowing if you need to change up your routine or diet […]

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grey foot brace

Best Foot Support Brace 2019

Having a foot support or foot brace is crucial for a fast recovery. Whether you’ve just come out of foot surgery or you’ve had a nasty break or fracture in your foot, you want to do everything possible to protect your feet and make sure that no harm comes to them while you heal.  The […]

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Best Neoprene Knee Sleeve 2019

Unfortunately, due to both wear and tear and just old age, our bodies can’t remain in their peak conditions forever.  Especially after many years of intense physical activity from lifting weights, CrossFit, MMA or Triathlons, the joints can get a bit worn out, and they may start to hurt a little or just feel a […]

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Best Groin Brace 2019

Groin pain and instability is definitely no laughing matter.  Whether it has been caused by a groin injury during sports or it comes from other conditions like arthritis, hip problems or more, it can really limit your mobility, make walking difficult, and keep you back form many activities that you enjoy.  A good groin brace […]

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Best Finger Pulse Oximeter 2019

An oximeter is a non-invasive medical instrument that measures the amount of oxygen in your blood (spO2) and monitors changes in blood volume in the skin, as well as monitoring your heart rate.  They are very useful for people who suffer from cardiac and breathing issues, and also very helpful for monitoring patients with sleep disorders such […]

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Best Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope 2019

Whether your a medical student, a nurse, a doctor, or simply a concerned parent, you’ll need a good stethoscope in order to take care of your patients or family.  Stethoscopes have been a standard and indefensible part of the medical profession for many decades now, and they don’t look like they are going to be […]

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Best Elbow Compression Sleeve 2019

For such a small part of your body, an elbow injury can really mess you up and make simple everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning a real hassle.  Worse still, if you work in an industry like engineering, mechanics, sports or anything that requires physical effort, it may keep you on the sidelines for way […]

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