Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric, which is woven and then sheared to create a a very soft and comfortable surface one one of the sides (no moles are actually used, thankfully,). While many people are familiar with their use in clothes and shoes, you may not know that moleskin make a really great fabric for foot pads that can be used to prevent blisters and abrasions, and they can also help with foot conditions like hammer toe, bunions and more. These pads are usually adhesive, so you easily just stick them to the part of your foot that you want to protect from friction.

We’ve gone to the trouble of checking through all the most well known moleskin pads on offer, and we;’re happy to share what we’ve found with you in the series of articles and product guides in this Department. Everything that we recommend is safety tested and made to the proper legal guidelines, as we only want the best for your feet. If you’re suffering from blisters, bunions, callouses or other foot problems, please feel free to have a quick browse and see what you can find.

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