Heel Cups

Heel problems and heel back can really make life a misery by putting you through agony every time you walking and keeping you away from the gym, the park or the dance floor. If you suffer from a condition like this, such as drop foot or Plantar Fasciitis, you have help cut down on the pain by investing in a good set of heel pads, and hear at Apex Health and Care, we’ve done our research to bring you some of the best ones on offer.

A good heel cup helps take away heel discomfort in a number of ways. It reduces tension and pressure on the back of the foot by raising the heel slightly as well as giving extra cushion to that part of the foot. It also absorbs shock and cuts down on friction, making walking much less of a hassle.

If you or one of your loved ones is experiencing heel problems, please feel free to have a quick look through our articles and guides below. We’ve got a good selection of moleskins, gel pads, foam pads, tube pads and much more in order to help with your sore heels and keep you on your feet.

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