Foot Pads

There’s nothing worse then problems with the soles of your feet. Pain on the bottom of your feet can be caused by any number of things, such as conditions like plantar Fasciitis, or from bunions, boils, callouses, blisters, warts and so much more. Abrasive or cheap footwear. A good set of footpads might not stop the cause of the problems, but they will definitely, cut down on the pain and give you a little bit of relief.

A good set of foot pads will work by proving a comfortable layer between the foot and the shoe, which will take away the friction and rubbing that can be very uncomfortable. They will also give shock absorption and padding against the impact of hitting the ground with your feet. Some pads, like the gel ones, even feel like they are massaging your poor feet.

As you know, here at Apex Health and Care, we understand that taking care of your feet is key to keeping you in an active and happy state, so we’ve compiled a guide to the best foot pads around to make sure that you stay on your toes and keep on hitting the gym, the running track or the sports field. Whatever it is you want to do, a good set of foot pads will let you get through the pain and keep doing what you want to do.

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