Budin Splints

Hammertoe is a condition which is caused by a contracture in one of the joints of the toes which bends it into an arched shape. This abnormal bending often puts a lot of pressure on the toe effected, and can make wearing shoes very painful.. It can start out quite mild, but it often gets worse over time and can end up very severe, so if you suffer from this, its best to start treating it straight away.

For non-surgical treatment, Budin splints (also called hammertoe splints) are a very common form. They work by gently and progressively stretching the toe out and helping it to return to a more natural place. They are not an overnight fix, but over a period of weeks or months, a splint can help reduce the pain and make walking much more bearable. Here at Apex Health and Care, we’ve set up this department especially for budin splints, and we’ve done a lot of research and investigation into the best ones out there. All of our findings have been condensed into our easy to understand and no nonsense articles, so you can get the information you need in order to choose the best hammer toe splint for you or your loved one.

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