Transfer Benches

As we get older, or perhaps as a result of injury, we can find it harder and harder to keep standing for long periods of time. This is just a normal part of life, and there might not be much we can do about it. However, we can kit out our houses with handy aids and devices that can make much improvements to our quality of life and help us keep our independence. A good shower bench is very simple, but it make make showering much easier for those who have trouble standing.

This is the section all about transfer benches which enable you to be seated whilst showering or bathing for those who are looking to be seated, due to old age or a disability. These benches help provide stability and increase comfort when sometimes finding bathing difficult. There are loads of types and most offer back support with the transfer bench and come with easy to use handle grips for reaching down. The are various products, various prices and each has been thoroughly tested to make sure you can find the best forms of comfort whilst taking a shower or bath. Please feel free to have a quick look through our articles below.

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