8 Best Living Aids For Seniors

Gone are the days when being a senior means limiting yourself in terms of actions and choices. With the advancement of technologies, more seniors are now given a chance to enjoy their twilight years further. Some still continue doing the activities they were previously doing while others find new adventures to try. Simply put, seniors now have more time and freedom to do the things they like while keeping themselves healthy.

Then there are seniors who live on their own or with minimal care from their family. All thanks to available devices that can make their lives easier. Of course, some would find these redundant or unnecessary. But if there was a device that can help a loved one move better with ease and comfort, wouldn’t that be worth the investment? After all, according to Forbes, only one in 10 seniors in the United States live in poverty, making most older adults these days financially secure.

Presented with things that make everyday life uncomplicated is always a welcome thought. After all, there is no harm in using devices that make life a little more comfortable and convenient.

Below, Apex Health and Care lists down 8 livings aids for seniors that will make their lives easier. We hope this short list can help you find the right tools and equipment you’re looking for to improve the daily life a loved one.


AUVON IMedassist AM/PM Pill Box

Regardless of age, in order to live your dream, good physical health is a must. Hence, a healthy lifestyle coupled with the right dose of vitamins or maintenance of medicine for those with an existing condition must be observed. Although, seniors are not the only one guilty of this, sometimes it is a daunting task to check and remember if prescribed medicines or vitamins were taken.

It’s good to know that there are things that make this simple like the AUVON IMedassist AM/PM Pill Box. It is a tool that checks if they have already taken their medicine or vitamins during the morning or evening. Aside from that, days of the week are color-coordinated for easier reference.

What’s good about it is that it is moisture-proof, which keeps water or sweat from dampening the pills. This also prevents bacteria from breeding on the medicines. While there are pill boxes available in the market today, the AUVON Pill Box has second layer protection through the transparent plastic casing with lock in its perimeter. It serves to ensure that individual pill boxes will stay locked especially during travels.

Additionally, it has plenty of space to accommodate all the pills needed for the day. Depending on the size of the tablets, it can squeeze in more than 30 pills in one box. Living up to its function of being the bearer of good health, or of the medicines that can give you good health, the pillbox is made using BPA-Free materials to keep individuals safe. Most importantly, it is ultra-portable. It can separate the boxes per day of the week or carry the boxes for the whole week. With its funky design and lightweight casing, drinking the prescribed medicines will be a less strenuous activity.


RMS Sock Aid Kit

One daily task that some seniors are often terrified of is putting on their socks. Understandably, this activity would require them to bend, which is difficult to do for some elderly. But putting on socks is a must, especially during the colder months. This is precisely what the Royal Medical Solutions had in mind when they introduced the RMS Sock Aid Kit.

The sock aid kit from Royal Medical Solutions, Inc. was designed to assist seniors in putting on or removing socks or stockings. The sock-aid has adjustable rope lengths that can be altered depending on the height of the user. Another great feature is that it has a slip-resistant sock pad that makes it slip-proof!

It also has a soft grip handler that can help the senior pull up the socks or stockings without the need to bend. Best of all, the sock-aid fits most feet sizes. As such, it is not only beneficial to seniors but also to those who have difficulty wearing socks.


Vive Lotion Applicator For your Back

Another product that is not for the exclusive use of seniors is the Vive Lotion Applicator. It is a long-handle brush meant to aid seniors in bathing when cleaning hard to reach areas of the back. This body wash brush has a texture surface pad that keeps the soap, cream, and lotion on the pad.

Its handle, made of wood, is coated with an antibacterial finish which helps in resisting mold and mildew due to its constant exposure to water. It also has a curved design that makes it easier to scrub off almost all areas of the back. The comfortable non-slip grip, meanwhile, allows the user to have a tight grip on the body wash brush.

You’d be glad to know that when you buy this brush, you’ll be getting three replaceable applicator pads for hygiene purposes. Seniors can now enjoy bath time as they don’t need to contort their body to find the right angle just so they can reach their back. The Vive Lotion Applicator will do it for them, reaching the farthest side of their back to make sure every part of their body is squeaky clean.


Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle

This bed assist handle is ideal for seniors or any individual who is having a hard time getting out of bed independently. Made from a durable steel frame with height-adjustable legs that can be modified depending on the height of the bed, this handle provides the much-needed support, security, and comfort an elderly needs.

Additionally, the Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle has a soft handle grip for comfort and to avoid slipping of hands while using the device. To use the bed assist handle, the horizontal part of the whole frame is put under your mattress. As a result, the weight that you push down while you are laying will be the same weight you will use as you pull yourself up.

If you’re looking for a great product for seniors who are living alone, this is a good choice. Soon, they’ll have a readily available assistant by their side that can pull them out of the bed when they wake up or lay them down on their bed with ease when it’s bedtime.


Medline Toilet Safety Rails

One of the challenges that seniors face is the loss of balance. Most accidents that are encountered during these years are connected to this. As such, among the things that can help seniors to live better would be safety handles and rails.

A good tandem with the bed assist handle, the Medline toilet safety rails can help in preventing accidents and injuries as they provide support and security to seniors. Installing this device is advisable especially since the bathroom is one of the most accident-prone areas for seniors. This article can help you identify hazards at home that put seniors at risk.

The Medline Toilet Safety Rail is made of a durable steel frame that is height adjustable and can be easily installed. It has foam armrests that provide a comfortable, sure grip. Importantly, it is bathroom safety as its legs are coated with a non-slip coating. A little support would go a long way, right? This is especially true if it can help prevent a potential accident.


Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

Senior or not, there are days when you just want to stay in bed the whole day. For you to do this, you need everything essential to be within your arm’s reach. Therefore, you need a trusty bedside table that can bear vital things like food, water, book, or laptop. Best if it’s movable so as not to hinder when you decide to take a bathroom break.

This makes the Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table an excellent option. It is movable, allowing the user to move it in whatever direction. It also has wheels. It’s designed primarily to act as an assistant that carries everything you need, on that day only of course.

Measuring 30”x15”, it can provide enough space for your food, water, book, and even your laptop. It can likewise be adjusted to your desired height and has a heavy-gauge chrome-plated steel base that makes the table sturdy.


Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

As mentioned earlier, one of the most accident-prone areas for seniors is the bathroom. The Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat is an excellent tool that can be used by seniors while they’re bathing as it limits the shower slip when standing up. Its padded armrest and back can double as support when standing up and will make them feel more comfortable and at safe.

Sitting on this seat while the shower is open is an excellent opportunity for reflection or for making a mental note of the things they need to accomplish that day. Its height is also adjustable, and it can support a weight of up to 350 lbs. Finally, its base is coated with non-slip material which ensures safety even when it gets wet every time.


Unger Grabber

Since most seniors find it difficult to bend or pick things up, it would be wonderful if they’ll have an extra pair of hand. This is the specific purpose of the Unger Grabber. It aims to pick up items like remote, keys, and anything without the need to bend or break their back.

The rod can be extended to the desired length, giving the owner an extended hand not only used for picking things up but also for getting nearby things while sitting down. It has a gun-like handle that allows the opening and closing of its claw-like device at the end giving the user control how wide the claw can open. Though there is a limitation in the size and weight of things that can be picked up by the grabber, it is still a great product that can efficiently aid a senior in doing their everyday chores.


Seniors Should Not Forget to Enjoy Your Life

As cliché as it sounds, age is just a number! Recent innovations have made it possible for everyone now, regardless of age, to enjoy life.

If you or a loved one has reached this stage of life, don’t fret. Remember that having made it to your senior years actually means that you are now part of history – a history that was a blessing to others and the world. Every single cell in your body already imprinted a memory worth sharing. The wrinkles on your face and body detail the challenges you’ve overcome and the learnings you’ve acquired. The gray hair signifies wisdom and strength gained through all your experiences. After all those decades, you have a real life account and story that can be a great source of inspiration to your kin.

Aside from it being an opportunity for reflection, senior year is also a chance for redemption. To relive and make your wildest dreams come true, dreams that were probably set aside because of responsibilities and obligations during your younger years. Unfortunately, some limit their goals to their age; setting boundaries on themselves because of the number they associate themselves with. They forget that as long as you are still breathing, it is never too late to live your dreams and to dream anew.

One’s senior years can be an exciting and peaceful stage in life. Of course, challenges and difficulty may still occur, but these can be overcome with love from family and help from developments in technology. We hope you check out the eight products described above and see if they can help improve the life of your older loved one. Use those products for a more manageable, less stressful, and more comfortable life for you or a senior family member.

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