7 Best Reacher Grabber 2019

Have you ever gone to perform a simple task only to get injured in the process? Picking up things from the ground and reaching for items in high places can be difficult when you’re also dealing with an injury, previous surgery, or other physical ailments. For many elderly and disabled people, the act of reaching for a drink or getting dressed can be uncomfortable or even painful. Thankfully, there are different types of reacher grabbers to help make daily living more convenient!

At Apex Health and Care, we believe in the power of overcoming life’s difficulties through available tools. We want the very best for our readers which means putting out information that allows them to have a high quality of life despite mobility restrictions.

Why Use a Reacher Grabber?

Reacher grabbers aren’t just tools for some people who want to pick up litter from the street. For most users, it’s a necessary extension of their arms. It aids in reaching and grabbing objects without any painful straining, bending or twisting of the body. It’s a handy tool for those who have mobility issues.

A reacher grabber, or reach extender, is a handheld mechanical tool that adds to the range of the user’s reach. It’s commonly sold in hardware stores, though there is a greater range of options online. Reacher grabbers can have extra features such as serrated jaws, jaw locks, suction cups, and magnet tips to make them even more adaptable for everyday situations.

Types of Reacher Grabber

There are different types of reacher grabbers to choose from. Some people buy a reacher grabber for everyday use while they wait for full recovery. Other users invest in a high-quality durable reacher to use for months and even years.

You can find so many types of reacher grabbers in the market today. We’ve compiled a list of the seven best reacher grabbers you can find in 2019. Each recommendation falls under one or more of these categories:

  • Lightweight reacher for picking up small items around the house, including light clothing, dog toys, and small trash
  • All-purpose reacher for picking up light to moderately heavy pieces
  • Folding reacher designed for more convenient storage and travel
  • Ergonomic handle reachers specifically designed for those with hand or wrist arthritis
  • Adjustable length reacher for versatile use
  • Heavy duty reacher for outdoor items, including debris, branches and large pieces of trash


The Review: Best Reacher Grabbers of 2019

Royal Medical Solutions 32” Long Grabber Reacher

RMS understands the importance of making your life easier with the right tools. Everyday living is more comfortable with this 32” reacher grabber. It has a lightweight aluminum build, clocking in at 1 pound, with an ergonomic handle and trigger design. It has a yellow clip which allows the reacher to fasten to canes, wheelchairs, walkers, bed rails and other posts so that it’s always accessible. It also has an easy-to-adjust hold and a post to assist with dressing.

This grabber reacher comes with a magnetic tip which helps in picking up smaller objects. You don’t need to go through the tedious struggle of bending or twisting just to angle your grabber correctly. Even better, RMS sells this long grabber reacher in a 2-pack bundle. You can keep one on each floor, or bring one with you when you go out.


Vive 32” Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Vive also offers an additional 32” of reach for any individual in need of assistance after surgery. It’s also great for those with arthritis and limited dexterity. It fits comfortably into the hand. With a durable and corrosion-resistant brushed aluminum build, this suction reacher can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

The reacher has a wide leaf-style jaw which can pick up smaller items as well as items up to five pounds. It has a firm grasp. Keep in mind that this product is ideal for lighter items. It won’t be as effective in grabbing larger debris and trash.

One of the highlights of this reacher is the suction cup. The two rubber suction cups provide a secure grip on most items, including glass or metal. It makes it easier to reach into high shelves, tight spaces, and behind furniture. Moving around is more comfortable without the need for constant bending and stretching.


Sammons Preston 26” Reacher

For light to moderately heavy objects, the Sammons Preston Reacher is a comfortable and practical option. It is sturdy and durable enough to pick up light objects such as clothes, dog food, and gadgets, as well as moderately heavy objects such as trash and garden tools. Its jaw can open up to 3” wide, and it is limited to holding objects 1 pound or less. This grabber can reach household items behind furniture and other tight spots.

With its user-friendly trigger, it can make independent living easier for the elderly or disabled. Picking up small objects is easier with the magnetic tip. There’s enough grip to remove a light bulb comfortably. The Sammons Preston Reacher also has a unique jaw design. It also has an added serrated jaw with a flexible foam rubber tip to ensure a stronger grasp.

Unlike the earlier reachers in this list, the Sammons Preston has a shorter 26” handle. This is best for younger users, and as a complement to longer reacher. The shorter handle has an advantage in bringing this closer to the user, especially when changing clothes. The Sammons Preston balances the short handle with a secure grip.


TACKLIFE RG01 Reacher Grabber With Adjustable Arm

TACKLIFE adds several layers of extra convenience to their reacher grabber. This 30” reacher comes with a lightweight aluminum alloy build that is durable and strong. It can securely grab up to 12lbs without any damage.

An exciting feature of RG01 is the 90° rotating head. It gives you more flexibility when it comes to picking up small objects or items in difficult-to-reach places. It can get a strong grip for both vertical and horizontal use.

Aside from the rotating head, it’s also the first foldable reacher in this list. As a foldable reacher, it’s easier to carry and store. Unlike other foldable grabbers in the market, the TACKLIFE RG01 is still durable even after numerous folds. It likewise has a built-in hanger.

Like some of the other reachers in this list, the TACKLIFE RG01 comes with a magnetic tip for items like keys and coins. The trigger is easy to use with a jaw that opens up to 4 inches maximum. Overall, it’s a versatile assist tool that can help elderly and disabled individuals wherever they go.


FitPlus 32” Premium Reacher Tool

Buying a reacher tool is an investment towards a more relaxed and comfortable life. FitPlus offers an easy-grab technology which enables you to pick up items smoothly, including coins, trash, and envelopes. Aside from easy grabbing, this reacher is also equipped with an extra strength gripper. The ends of the reacher have textured rubberized ends to ensure a good grasp.

One of the highlights of this long handle reacher is the rotating head. The grabber can rotate up to 180°, giving you more flexibility in reaching vertically or horizontally. The design also comes with an easy-grip handle and a light aluminum finish so that you won’t get tired as you move around.

The FitPlus reacher tool is best for daily use and smaller items. The cable can easily detach if it strains against heavier use. Nonetheless, the FitPlus 32” Reacher Tool does the job in making life easy without bending and twisting.


Ettore 34” Grib’n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool

For a reacher that can work comfortably for both indoor and outdoor use, the Ettore 34” Grib’n Grab is a great choice. It has a lightweight aluminum and plastic construction that is rust-proof and sleekly designed.

With its thin yet durable build, it can easily reach into tight spaces and carry moderately heavy objects up to 5 pounds. The best thing about this reacher is its versatility. It can do well for delicate work involving small items, glass, and mirrors. It can also pick up bigger trash and debris, including asphalt shingles and car parts.

This multi-purpose reach tool from Ettore has a flexible 90° articulation head. You have the versatility needed to pick up objects vertically or horizontally without uncomfortable bending or twisting. With the comfort grip, this tool is designed to reduce repetitive motion fatigue. It also has rubberized jaws for a stronger grasp.

Overall, it’s a solid option for daily use wherever you may be.


Procellatech 32” Foldable Lightweight Long Duty Reacher Grabber

The Procellatech 32” Reacher Grabber gives you a comfortable experience in reaching items indoors and outdoors without putting in the effort. Designed to be a multi-purpose item, this can help pick up litter from your yard or arrange materials in your kitchen shelf.

The reacher is made of high strength ABS&TPR material, giving it the durability it needs to carry heavier items. The grabber stick has a strong aluminum alloy build to lend extra strength, with a brushed rust proof aluminum frame for longevity. The ergonomically designed trigger and handle are complemented by a rubberized gripper. The handle is molded explicitly to contour to your hands and fingers.

As the only other foldable reacher in this list, the longer Procellatech 32” Reacher Grabber offers more reach and the same mobility and convenience. Another great thing about the Procellatech reacher is that it comes in packs of two. The extra reacher gives you the assurance that you’ll always be able to move around and pick up your items.


Our Top Grabber Reacher

Royal Medical Solutions 32” Long Grabber Reacher

For people with restricted mobility, reacher grabbers will be a constant companion every day and everywhere. They have to be versatile enough to pick up items while being ergonomic and comfortable. That’s why our top pick for the best reacher grabber in 2019 is the Royal Medical Solutions 32” Long Grabber Reacher.

The long handle adds just the right amount of reach to do daily tasks. The magnetic tips and the post makes picking up small objects and dressing up easy. The design of this grabber reacher naturally extends the arm so you won’t have issues with balance while dressing or moving around.

Above any other innovative features, the most important consideration for the best grabber reacher is reliability. It has to be able to do the job you need it to do when you have restricted mobility. The Royal Medical Solutions Grabber Reacher is up to the task every day.


Common Causes of Restricted Mobility

If you can’t bend, twist or reach your arms vertically or horizontally, you are most likely dealing with restricted mobility. Getting a grabber reacher will help you do your daily tasks without any problem. They are an essential tool to have, especially if you are recovering from an injury.

There are several causes of restricted mobility which requires you to use a grabber reacher.


  • Fracture

A broken bone is considered a medical emergency, and it can be caused by falls, traumatic events, sports injuries, and direct strikes. People who are older or taking corticosteroids, and those with osteoporosis, endocrine or intestinal disorders, are at a higher risk of getting a fracture. Keeping the pieces of broken bone immobile is integral to the healing process, which can take weeks or months.


  • Hip surgery

A broken hip is a severe medical condition that significantly affects a person’s range of motion. Most cases of broken hip are associated with increased age, malnutrition, and being a woman. It can involve a femoral neck fracture, an intratrochanteric hip fracture, or an intracapsular fracture. After surgery and physical therapy, there will be months of recovery where it is impossible to walk, let alone bend down, without any pain.


  • Joint swelling

Inflamed joints can feel stiffer in the morning, or it can follow exercise. Some types of joint swelling occur when people rest. Aside from joint swelling, there can also be pain and difficulty moving a joint. It can be a hallmark of arthritis.


  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common condition among the elderly. The condition happens when the cartilage that cushions the joints wears down, leading to inflamed and painful joints. This condition is primarily treated through supervised exercise, joint replacement surgery, and medications. Most people with osteoarthritis will benefit from a grabber reacher especially those who find it difficult to squat, bend, or reach.


  • Stroke

Immobility can occur after a stroke. Complications of prolonged immobility include pressure sores and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It can also lead to skin breaks and infection. To avoid these complications, early mobilization and proper mobilization is critical.


  • Muscle dystrophy

Muscle dystrophy involves the weakening of your muscles over time. It is usually a problem during walking, swallowing and muscle coordination. Muscle dystrophy is a group of inherited diseases.


  • Ankylosing arthritis

This form of arthritis mainly affects the spine, leading to chronic pain and disability. People can experience early morning stiffness and poor posture, along with inflammation in other parts of the body. The treatment for this type of arthritis involves pain management and prevention of complications. Moving around with a reacher grabber is safer and reduces unnecessary disability risks.


  • Spinal cord injury

Mobility impairments due to spinal cord injury can lead to paraplegia, which is the loss of function to the lower extremities and lower trunk. Patients who underwent spinal cord injury are usually confined to a wheelchair. Having a reacher grabber allows you to continue doing daily tasks indoors and outdoors.


Coping with Hip Pain

Aside from getting a grabber to help with daily tasks, here are some other precautions and tips:

  • Use a walker or cane

Don’t add more stress to your hip. Using a walker or cane will also prevent another fall, dislocation, or further damage. In public areas, it signals other people to be more cautious around you. Reacher grabbers with straps can be tied to your cane for easy accessibility.


  • Pain relief

Pain relief is an unavoidable consequence of hip pain or surgery. It can make it difficult to focus on rehabilitation exercises. Prolonged pain can set the foundation for chronic pain.


  • Obey movement restrictions

If you’re told not to bend your hips or bend your knees more than 90 degrees, keep your body in check. You may be told not to lift your legs to put on socks and pants, not to cross legs, and not to reach up. These movement restrictions are important to remember. Hip dislocation due to movement is a common complication of hip replacement surgery.

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