6 Best Massage Chairs for Home 2018

No home spa would be complete without a high quality massage chair. We would even take that one step further and say that no living room is complete without a massage chair. Trust us, once you buy one of these, you will never be satisfied with a regular recliner again! If you’re like me, you may be here because stress from work, family or finances have taken a toll on your body. Stress is not the only reason you may be feeling tense, exercise and everyday tasks can be especially taxing on our bodies. The cost of massages at an actual spa or massage clinic can often add up to hundreds of dollars per week depending on how often you frequent them. Why not invest in a chair that offers the same benefits, but can be used at your own convenience?

You’re probably here to find out what is the best massage chair on the market. Well, it’s your lucky day because we have rounded up the best massage chairs for every budget in the article below. After reading this guide, you will be one step further to pure comfort and relaxation. Save time and trust our hours of research from real customers, amazon listings and blogs.

Main benefits of massage chairs:

  • Stress reduction
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Joint pain relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Personalized massage intensity
  • Use in the comfort of your own home or office
  • Cost effective over the lifetime of ownership
  • Heating elements combined with massage

Enough talking…without further ado, here are the Best Massage Chairs for Home 2018!


Best Affordable Massage Chair

The Massaging Recliner and Ottoman by Flash Furniture combines both comfort and features to bring you relaxation in your home and office. This massage chair is designed to target key areas of the body including; upper back, lumbar, lower back, thighs and feet. Using the convenient remote control, users can easily control which areas of the body they target and also adjust the intensity of the massage. But the features do not stop there! This massage chair also has heating capabilities with the built in wireless remote to bring pain relief to your muscles. The remote can easily be stored out of sight with the built-in side pouch.

Enjoy versatile and personalized comfort! Ergonomically designed to contour your body and feel like you’re being massaged by a professional masseuse. The detachable ottoman allows you to adjust your seating position depending on how you want to experience your massage. Kick up your feet and relax!

There is no better value than the Massaging Recliner by Flash Furniture. For it’s price, you receive an executive luxurious chair which also fits in to your home or office decor. The chair materials are soft, supple and use high quality cushion to ensure users feel like are receiving a much more expensive unit. This chair features a double padded backrest with expertly constructed PU leather upholstery that fuse comfort and style.



Best Affordable Massage Chair: Runner-Up

Coming in 2nd place is Best Choice Products’ Massaging Recliner with Ottoman. At only $285 USD, you get amazing features normally found in models at a much higher price range.


  • Built to last with sturdy metal frame and leather-like materials
  • 5 pre-programmed massage modes, 9 vibration intensity levels, and 2 modes to massage your whole body
  • Amply padded for ultimate comfort
  • Wireless remote control
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure you’re comfortable for long sessions

Best Mid-level Massage Chair

While this may look like a chair you would find in a spaceship, the Human Touch iJoy 2.0 is the best mid-level massage chair you can find. It’s size is comparably bigger than the Flash Furniture model, but it is still small enough to comfortably fit in any small to medium sized room. The difference in price from our entry level to mid-level picks comes from the quality of massage and accompanying features.

The iJoy uses FlexGlide orbital massage that replicates patterns used by actual massage therapists to relax tense muscles. These patterns include; stretch, orbit and glide. Free from pinching and friction, this massage chair is able to offer you professional-grade therapy while still remaining budget conscious at $599 USD. Included with the massage chair is a tethered remote, where you can navigate through three preset programs (THINK, PERFORM, and RECHARGE). Each program targets different areas of the body depending on where your tension lies. It really does feel like you’re sitting in a spaceship!

Some of the many other features include:

  • Easy recline strap
  • Available in two amazing colors (Espresso or Off White)
  • Fold-able head pillow
  • Lightweight for easy storage or movement
  • Easily paired with a foot massager

Best Expensive Massage Chair

If you thought the last massage chair was impressive, wait until you take a look at the RELAXONCHAIR (MK-II Plus). For those with a larger budget and want the ultimate experience, look no further! But don’t let the steep price scare you away. Relaxonchair boasts it’s affordability compared to chairs two to three times it’s price. So, while you may be paying a lot for this chair, it offers exceptional value to other options on the market.

In terms of features, where do we start?

  • L-track massage system uses dual rollers to conform to the natural shape of your spine.
  • Specially designed for low back pain, sore or tight glute muscles, or those who experience sciatica.
  • Deep human-like massage with spinal decompression
  • Materials and components meticulously tested
  • Made from high grade synthetic leather, making it easy to clean
  • Airbags designed to apply accupressure to areas of the body
  • Lumbar heating

Similar to our mid-level choice, the RELAXONCHAIR offers 4 automatic programs that mimic techniques of massage therapists. Outside of the automatic programs, this massage chair also offers manual massages (kneading, tapping, kneading+tapping, shiatsu, and rolling). In order to personalize the massage for each user, built-in sensors detect the length of the spine and locate where to massage for the most enhanced experience. All of these functions can be controlled by an ergonomic and aesthetic remote.

One of the most notable features is the zero gravity positioning of the chair. You can lay back and relax at 180 degrees and enjoy a pressure free massage. This also optimizes blood flow during your sessions! So get out your checkbooks, because this massage chair is one that should be on your “to-buy” lists.

Best Swiveling Massage Chair

Swiveling recliners have been around for years, but what if that recliner also heated and massaging features? Enjoy the convenience of in-home massage with the Esright Massage Recliner Chair! Offered in 5 different colors and variations, this chair is a great choice for relaxation enthusiasts that want an affordable option without compromising on features. Designed with soft yet sturdy PU leather materials for those long nights in front of the television. It also includes two cup holders in case you’re afraid of spilling your favorite drink on your new massage chair. The main benefit of this chair over others is the ability to swivel and adjust to your desired position. It allows you to swivel 360 degrees and recline up to 150 degrees. Like the other options on this list, it also includes a corded remote to adjust through the 5 preset modes and 2 intensity levels. 

Best Heated Massage Chair

Best Choice Products’ Executive Massage Chair brings the heat, baby! Heat is known to help relax tense muscles and joints, especially for chronic injuries and pain. This massager allows you to choose from 5 different heat settings and from what we’ve heard from customers, the heating function is very good for the price. In addition to the heating feature, the massager also allows you to choose from different massage intensity settings.  It also includes 2 built-in cup holders on each armrest and 4 convenient storage pockets on each side. Relax on this massage chair and feel like it was personalized for you! This chair features a 360° swivel base so you can easily adjust your view. Take your massages to the next level with this massager.



So there you have it! No matter what budget you have, there is a good choice of massage chair for everyone. Massage chairs are a great way to get the relaxing and physio therapeutic benefits without having to pay large fees at a spa or massage therapist.

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