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If you’ve recently been in a serious accident, such as a car crash or a bad sporting accident, that has left your neck injured, or you’re coming back from a neck surgery, sadly, this can be very serious.  The neck and spine are vital for the entire functioning of your body, as the spine carries with it the nerves for the entire body.  Damage to the spine and the vertebrae can leave you paralyzed, and it can even be fatal.   So, if your neck has been in the wars, you really need to make sure that it gets the very best in terms of treatment, protection and support in order to ensure that you get back to your top form.  A good neck support brace will be just what you need.

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Depending on the type of injury you have, your doctor will advise you on what type of cervical collar you need.  In this page, we’ll be looking only at rigid cervical collars, which are used for the more severe and damaging end of the spectrum in terms of neck injury.  If you looking for a soft cervical collar, we also have those too.   AS your neck is such an incredibly important part of your whole body, we’ve only listed the very best in terms of quality and design here, so if you know that you have a neck surgery scheduled, you can order a fantastic neck collar in time for the operation.

What does a Neck Brace Do?

When your neck has been seriously damaged or weakened by illness, surgery or other trauma, it needs the extra help of a good support.  It helps in the following ways

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  1. First of all, the upper spine must be immobilized so that proper healing can occur.  This is vital to let the muscle fibers and more importantly the nerve connections heal properly. So the Collar will make sure that the upper sections of the spin cannot move. Unfortunately the head cannot then turn, and the patient has to move their entire upper body in order to look left or right.  Still, this is necessary to ensure the spine heals.
  2. Second, the neck muscles and the spine will struggle with the weight of the head (the human head is one of the heaviest parts of the body, and an average adult’s can weigh around 7 to 9 pounds) so the brace will help to stabilize the injured areas and take the weight off the spine by supporting under the jaw and at the back of the skull. .  This is a common effect that comes from neck surgery or any treatments to the neck muscles, as the procedure may leave them in a weakened state and unable to properly hold up the head without support.
  3. Third, the support is designed to restrict the neck movement in order to help with pain relief.  It does this by holding the neck in place and preventing it from any movement that might risk aggravating the damaged and healing muscles and more

Some of the popular kinds this collar are the Miami J collar and the Philadelphia collar.  They are usually made from molded plastic, and will have spring steel or aluminium rods and joints to act as extra supports on areas that need most protection.  However, metal support mean that they have to be taken off for extra and MRI, so, some doctors only go with metal-free collars..  A two piece padded liner of foam or cotton is also used to give comfort to the patient, one at the back and one of the front.  These give maximum support and stability to the neck, and make moving it almost impossible as it needs to be held in place during the healing process.

These are often only used for the more severe spinal injuries, such as a fracture to the neck, or for post surgery recovery. They may be needed for as much as 6 months depending on how bad the accident was.  The patient will normally always need some help and assistance in putting it on or taking it off.  Doctors may tell you to keep it on 24/7, or it may be recommended for only specific hours of the day, but in most cases, it will have to be worn all the time.  Sometimes, your doctor will advise you to switch it for a soft collar during sleep.

Reviewed Neck Support Brace

Premium Neck Traction Device

Get on the road to recovery as quickly as you can after a severe neck injury or the trauma that comes from neck surgery with this amazing FDA approved collar! You’ve only got one neck for your entire lifetime, so you need to take c=good care of it.

With this quality neck traction device, the weight and strain of your head on the neck vertebrae is lightened and to relieve the pain from injury, accident, or surgery.  Head movement is also limited, protecting you from further injury.  This one is unique as it has a traction pump which lets you manually adjust the amount of compression the device gves you, so you can pump it p for increased compression to relieve pain and increase blood flow to help the healing process. This also helps you work out the best fit for your body with this collar.



FDA Approved Cervical Brace

【FDA Patented】 Medical Neck Cervical Traction Device,Portable Inflatable Air Traction , Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar,Provides Neck Brace Support,for Neck Pain Relief.

Nurse an injured neck and pine back to full health with this rigid brace.  It has firm supports to stabilize the spine, take pressure off the neck muscles, and hold everything in the correct place to allow healing to occur and avoid further damage.  This has an air bag around about the jaw and chest areas of the brace, and the amount of air can be altered by the valve on the front, so this can be used to both get the brace to fit your neck and shoulders perfectly as well as add extra compression for added pain relief, should you wish it.

This will be a brilliant option for post surgery recovery, or medical units, and rehabilitation centers for  degenerative cervical diseases, cervical disc herniation, neck injury, cervical trauma caused by neck and shoulder pain and cervical surgery patients.


 Miami J Collar

Ossur Miami J Cervical Collar - Regular

You may have heard of the famous Miami J design before, as this is one of the most well known and regarded cervical braces ever made. It supports the neck muscles and ligaments in order to give the spine time to heal. These collars are made of hard molded plastic, and velcro straps will hold everything place and can also be used for added tightness.  This is an industry standard for severe spinal trauma and neck injury, so you can buy it with confidence knowing that you are getting the very best.

This collar, despite looking very formidable, is easy to use and to get on, although the patient may need some help with putting it on depending on the severity of the injury. No metal parts so this is X-ray and MRI safe. It is also latex free



Patented FDA Guaranteed Cervical Traction Device

Patented FDA Guaranteed New Medical Neck Cervical Traction Device Portable Home Use, Therapy Unit Provide Relief for Neck and Upper Back Pain, Dizziness and Limb Numbness.

Designed for help in recovery from spinal injuries, if you’ve just had a bad case of whiplash or if you are trying to heal your neck after some surgery, this might be perfect for you.  It will hold your head at bot the jaw line and the back of the skull, taking he weight and pressure off the spine and allowing the muscles and ligaments that hold your head on repair and heal.  This also immobilizes the spine and makes sure that you won’t do anything to re injure yourself or reopen the stitches from the surgery. This has also been designed with comfort in mind, as it has adjustable therapy pads to help you feel at ease. the gentle curvature will also make sure you maintain a good posture while you wear this.

The great spinal brace is FDA approved, so you cna be sure that you are getting a very high quality product with excellent design and effectiveness.


DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar

DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar

Designed to bring drug-free pain relief from herniated/bulging discs, radiculopathies, degenerative disc disease, whiplash and many other symptoms, this brace has been built with and innovative air pressure system.  A tube runs through the brace, which can then be inflated to add extra compression and pressure if needed. When inflated, these tubes push gently up on the occipital bone and down against the shoulders, helping stretch out the spine gently and make sure the patient is keeping the correct posture needed for healing.  This cervical decompression can help to eliminate pain while promoting active rehabilitation.

If your doctor has advised you to look into something with an air system like this, we can fully recommend this brace.


Wonder Care Rigid Collar

Made of rigid plastic material with foam padding, this hard neck collar will help with the symptoms and pain of  whiplash, neck muscle spasms, stiff neck and vertigo, all the while stabilizing the neck and taking a load of the spine so it can heal.  This has a soft foam padding and a vinyl lining that can be washed, so you don’t need to worry about this getting stinky and covered in grime.  This one is unique in that it has five special breathing holes in the centre, which helps keep the skin cool and let moisture escape , so you won’t get nasty sweat build up inside.

This is one of the lighter collars on this list, so it might not be the best thing for serious and severe injuries, but for moderate conditions or for those who want something much less bulky and cumbersome, this could be the best choice.


Ambu Perfit Ace Adjustable Collar

Ambu Perfit Ace Adjustable Collar - Olive Drab

The Ambu Military Perfit ACE is a revolution in disposable adjustable collars. This is designed for adults and gives patients  rigid cervical spine immobilization, and it has a whopping 16 precise settings that can be tinkered with to give the desired effect and a customized fit. It can also be adjusted to 4 standard adult sizes which range from  settings ranging from ‘Neckless’ to ‘Tall’.  The shell is made of hard Polyethylene to give you the ultimate in strong protection.

Dimensions: 7″ W x 22″ L x 0.5″ D (flat) Weight: 5.4 oz

Inflatable Medical Cervical Support

Coming with CE certification & FDA approval, this modern and innovative collar might be just what you need to bring and injured neck back to its full strength.  This has a special a self-rotation switch allowing you to adjust the tractive effort of the collar based on your personal preference and sitting positions, giving you maximum comfort and adjustability.


This will be ideal for people recovering from serious neck injuries, and it can also be very helpful for conditions like Cervical spondylosis.


Our Top Pick

Ossur Miami J Cervical Collar - RegularThere are a lot of really great cervical collars out there, and while the one you choose will most likely be down to your individual needs and specifications, as well as the advice of your doctor, when it came to choosing an overall favorite, we had to go with the most famous of them all, the Miami J Collar.  This really is an industry standard, and if its good enough for hospitals, doctor’s practices and rehabilitation clinics all across the world, it may well the be the best overall cervical collar neck brace to recommend to the broadest range of patients.

With their strong plastic molds and soft foam pads, these give the best of both worlds in terms of protection and comfort, and you can wear one in full confidence that your neck, shoulders and spine will get the stability and support that they need to help you bounce back from your injury and fully recover.  Remember, you only have one neck, and that has to last you a lifetime.  So don’t take the risk of buying a cheap or dodgy collar, because the cost to your overall health will make the money you saved seem like a paltry amount, and it may even end up meaning more treatments and braces, which could triple or quadruple your original cost and drive your health insurance premium into the stratosphere.

What is Whiplash?

One of the most common neck problems that affects so many of our patients is whiplash.  If you’ve been suffering from this, then one of our braces might be the helping hand you need on the road to recovery

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Whiplash occurs when a sudden and violent movement affects the neck and back muscles, usually whipping the head from forward to backwards or vice versa.  This results in the muscles and ligaments of the neck extending far beyond their normal range, which is called hyper extension, which can tear and damage, with the severity of the damage based on the level of impact that causes it. In the most severe cases, it can cause the vertebrae to become dislocated.

Whiplash symptoms

Aside from the pain of whiplash, it can bring other symptoms such as:

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  • headaches, specifically at the base of the skull
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision
  • constant weariness
  • insomnia
  • Stiff and swollen neck and shoulders
  • ringing ears
  • weak or numb arms

Whiplash Causes

Most people will no that whiplash is most commonly associated with motoring or cycling accidents, mainly when someone is hit from behind by another motor vehicle.  However, it is also common in sports which involve bodies and especially heads clashing together.  Footballers who are injured in tackling and huddles maybe experience it, as wells as wrestlers and MMA fighters, as there are often heads clashing together in these sports. Anything which can involve a high fall, such as horseback riding, may also lead to it.  Also, in cases of abuse or assault, the victim of an attack may be whiplashed.

How to Treat Whiplash

The good thing is that for the majority of cases, it clears itself up over time, but you should always definitely see a doctor as soon as possible.  Pain killers and muscle relaxants are usually prescribed in order to control the muscle spasms, and often a cervical collar is used.  However, there may be muscle atrophy or damage in more e=severe cases, which can require physiotherapy.  Therefore, if you think you have whiplash, always see your doctor.

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Is Text Neck Real?

Image result for text neckYou’ve probably heard of this recently.  It is a neck condition caused by spending to much time with your neck crooked over while you look at your mobile phone.  Over time, this can cause a lot of damage to the neck muscles, causing pain, stiffness, and even headaches.  However, many people thing this is just a big media scare, as most of the articles in the news on the subject center around kids who are having these problems, and may think it is just a stunt to get more views, reads and likes.  Is text neck real? I mean, we’ve all heard some crazy things before, like remember when people said that mobile phones were frying our brains?  Well, unfortunately, in the case of our necks verses our mobile phones, yes, it is real, and you and your kids could have it.


Doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals are all in agreement that text neck is just as real as bananas or oxygen.  When you use your mobile phone to text, watch videos etc, you really need to hold it up at eye level, and you shouldn’t crane your neck over to look down at a screen.  When you do this for long periods of time, the muscles and ligaments in your neck actually become damaged, as they are holding an unnatural and unhealthy position for for too long.  The big problem is that, although the damage can be considerable, it slowly accumulates over time, like a tap that is dripping, and most of us never feel anything until it is too late. This is only made worse by the fact that when we are using our phones, we are often engrossed in the conversation or activity that is going on, and we forget how much time we are spending.  That is why if you go into an osteopath clinic or physiotherapy center these days, you might be shocked at the amount of young, healthy people in there with neck problems that usually only affect those 40 to 50 years older than them.

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How Can You Avoid Text Neck?

The good news hear is that text neck can be avoided fairly simply; it all just comes down to being body aware and building good habits.

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To start with, lets talk about some good habits.  First of all, when we have to text and use our phones, we should bring the screen up close to our eye levels, keeping our backs and necks straight, so we are not bending our spines or backs over as we use the phone.  Second, it might be a god idea to only send short and simple text messages.  If you’ve got a lot to say, be a social bunny and give that person a call.  Third, and I can already hear the protests against this one, but maybe its not a good idea to play so many games or watch so many videos on our phones?  IF you want to have a good session on Netflix or YouTube, why not use a proper TV screen or a laptop?  After all, its so hard to get comfortable watching a movie on your cell phone, and even if you do hold it at your eye level, your hands and arms are going to get sore after a while too.  Save it until you’re in a place and space where you can watch or play in comfort.

As for being body aware, this is something that comes with being mindful of your body and how you are spending your time, and everyone will have to figure out how to do this for themselves.  Are you craning over?  Is your neck straight?  Are things starting to hurt and tingle?  You need to bear all this in mind and not get lost in what you are doing.  It could start off as something as simple as setting your alarm every 30 minutes with a reminder or ‘how is my posture?’

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