back brace with shouler straps

Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects millions of people every year. A back brace can make a huge difference when you are suffering from pain, in helping you get back to carrying out your daily activities. They are also a crucial part of recovery after sustaining a serious injury, or after having surgery. Here, we will take […]

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strong double shoulder brace

Best Double Shoulder Brace

Choosing the right double shoulder brace after surgery, an accident or injury is really important in assisting with a speedy recovery. There are a lot of different shoulder braces and supports available, so finding the right one is sometimes confusing and difficult. Here, we take a look at some frequently asked questions about finding the […]

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Best Types of Knee Braces

Finding the right knee brace after an accident or injury is important in speeding up your recovery. There are many different types of knee brace, each best for different types of injury. Knee braces are ideal to use when you are starting to get back into exercise after having an injury too, as they can […]

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Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball

Playing volleyball is fun, but it can also lead to injury. Ankle injuries are especially common amongst those who play volleyball. Wearing a brace is the best way to minimize the risk of sustaining an ankle injury. There are many different types of brace and support which are suited to different needs, so here we […]

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doctor with a baby using a thermometer

Best Ear Thermometer 2018

No matter what your circumstances are, whether you are a concerned parent, taking care of elderly relatives, living with your partner or even living on your own, no household should be without a good thermometer.  Being able to tell when someone’s temperature is dangerously high and knowing that its time to make a quick trip […]

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Best Neoprene Knee Sleeve 2018

Unfortunately, due to both wear and tear and just old age, our bodies can’t remain in their peak conditions forever.  Especially after many years of intense physical activity from lifting weights, CrossFit, MMA or Triathlons, the joints can get a bit worn out, and they may start to hurt a little or just feel a […]

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Best Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope 2018

Whether your a medical student, a nurse, a doctor, or simply a concerned parent, you’ll need a good stethoscope in order to take care of your patients or family.  Stethoscopes have been a standard and indefensible part of the medical profession for many decades now, and they don’t look like they are going to be […]

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Shower Chairs for the Elderly

We all get to a stage in our lives when we simply can’t stay standing for a very long time anymore.  For some of us, this may come very early on through injury or disability, but for most of us, this will simply catch up to us with age and conditions like arthritis.  This can […]

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Best Elbow Compression Sleeve 2018

For such a small part of your body, an elbow injury can really mess you up and make simple everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning a real hassle.  Worse still, if you work in an industry like engineering, mechanics, sports or anything that requires physical effort, it may keep you on the sidelines for way […]

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Best Lace up Ankle Brace 2018

Lace up ankle braces can help rolled ankles and twisted ankles, which are some of the most common injuries we all suffer from at some stage in our life.  It’s not fun being in bed or on the sofa for a few days because we can’t put any pressure on the ankle, but sadly its […]

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